Reasons That Grandparents Are Purer Than Distilled Water And It’s Heart-Warming To Witness

What would we do without our grandparents? They’re the ones who are always there for us no matter what, literally. You could kill 15 people and you grandma would find out and the first question she would ask was if you’re hungry.

They seem eternally old to us (in the best way) and are always technologically challenged, but we absolutely love them for it. They warm our hearts with endless love for our accomplishments yet can be brutally honest about your new haircut within the same sentence.

My Heart Is Melted

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

I don’t know what it is about old people, but everything they do comes off as being very cute.

If a 45-year-old man said that he takes time out of his day to have a glass of milk with his cat, I would think it’s very bizarre. I guess grandpas can get away with more weird behavior.

A Grandparent’s Honesty Is Unlike Any Other

This grandpa was dragged to a Tuesday night wine and paint night, and you can rest assured that it’s the last time he’ll be attending.

He made his dissatisfaction loud and clear leaving nothing to the imagination and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Technology 1, Grandparents 0

Another day, another grandparent who lost another battle to technology. I can only imagine the struggle that occurred on the other side of this conversation.

I think if I’m able to decipher this text message correctly, grandma actually means “you’re welcome,” but that theory might be still in the air. Coming up, a grannie makes her mark in the frat scene and it’s hilarious.

She’s In Her Prime Drinking Age

Photo Credit: Twitter / @paytongrett
Photo Credit: Twitter / @paytongrett

People always say that your prime drinking age is in your twenties, but that’s getting debunked by this grannie.

She’s throwing back that alcohol better than she ever has. She’s drinking these young girl’s under the table, and it’s actually inspiring.

She’s A Complete Savage

Look, we all have those pictures that we look really good in, but wish that there wasn’t another person in it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the center of attention in your profile picture, and that’s exactly what this grandma did. She gets a free pass on this one.

The Frat Granny

Photo Credit: Twitter / @MaddieRae5
Photo Credit: Twitter / @MaddieRae5

If you’ve ever done a keg stand before, you know that they aren’t even close to being easy.

Not only are you upside while beer shoots into your throat, but you also have to hold yourself up. The combination of your arms being tired while you’re chugging beer is a nearly impossible task. Coming up, a grandma’s brilliant way to keep her husband on his toes.

Not Too High, Not Too Low

Photo Credit: Twitter / @_meezy_
Photo Credit: Twitter / @_meezy_

It’s important to not get too high and not get too low. This grandpa learned that lesson a long time ago, and it’s obvious.

Yes, the birth of a grandkid is a big deal, but he figures if he stays even keel about the situation, he’ll be able to live a longer, stress-free life. I think he might have a point here.

Showing That She Still Has It


There’s nothing wrong with being confident in your body. This grannie is showing her granddaughter’s boyfriend where she got all of her genetics.

If I were the granddaughter, I’d be afraid that grandma is going to swoop in a steal my man right from under my nose. So brazen, it’s amazing.

Living In The Past

This is just straight up hilarious. This is a constant reminder to her husband that she can get another man in a heartbeat, so he should be grateful.

This is an effective way to ensure that her husband never feels too comfortable in their relationship. If he ever stops bringing her flowers and taking her on dates, he’ll get replaced. A grannie is wearing designer clothing with an illegal twist, and it’s coming up shortly.

One Too Many Rum And Eggnogs

Photo Credit: Reddit / Kempiet
Photo Credit: Reddit / Kempiet

I feel like it’s a universal thing that grandmas love Christmas season the best. It’s a season for giving and drinking.

This grandma decided to spike her eggnog with a little too much rum, and it didn’t end well for her. Nothing screams Christmas spirit quite like a quick power nap in the Christmas tree.

Remember Us?

If you don’t think that your GPs can be petty, try not talking to them for more than a week and see what happens.

They’ll send you cute cards that’ll make you say ‘awe’ at first and then hit you with a serious message about talking to them more often. It’s borderline genius.

The Five Finger Discount

This grandma likes to live on the edge and it deserves a lot of respect. While many people stop stealing clothing in their teens, she’s kept the adventure alive and it’s paid off.

A Gucci shirt is a Gucci shirt whether you paid for it or not. Those Prada pants look just as good on grannie no matter how big of a discount she got. A grandson declined his grandpas offer to play bingo with him and the conversation took a hilarious turn.

They’re Always So Extra

One of the most precious parts of having grandparents is that they spoil you rotten and go over the top with every gift.

They feel like they need to earn your love with presents and it’s just straight up amazing. This baby isn’t even old enough to walk yet, and it already has a teddy bear the size of Ireland.

Step Up On This Grandma, I Dare You

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

It’s common knowledge that thieves will go after the most physically vulnerable if they’re looking to rob someone. Old people tend to fall into that category.

Unfortunately, we should all say a quick prayer to any thief who decides to choose this grannie who is packing some heat. Those are some serious brass knuckles that are just aching to hit someone in the face.

You’re Going To Hear About It, Kid

There’s nothing more devastating to a GP than getting rejected by their grandchildren.

This grandpa isn’t taking it very well that his grandson didn’t want to go to bingo with him. I feel like not wanting to go to bingo is exactly what a coward is, right? Just ahead, a grandma changed her late husband’s face in pictures to someone you might recognize, and it’s savage.

That Didn’t Go As Planned

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

One of the issues that occur when you get older is that your gums tend to soften and you end up losing teeth.

Dentures aren’t always the most pretty or practical thing in the world, and this picture shows exactly why. Hey, maybe it’ll cut down on her candy consumption.

They Can Be Polite Too

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Push10BEn
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Push10BEn

Again, the battle between GPs figuring out how the internet does and doesn’t work is just straight up hilarious.

This grandma is so polite that she decided to throw in a please and thank you to Google who, if they were a person, probably gets treated the worst out of anyone else in the world. Google appreciates it.

One Can Only Wish

There’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about marrying Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean, he’s a millionaire, he’s famous, and he cares about global warming. What more could you want in a man?

I’m sure her late husband would be thrilled to see that his wife ended up with one of the most prolific actors of the 20th century.

Having The Time Of Her Life

When grandma goes to spring break, she’s not just going to sit by the beach. She’s going to have the time of her life.

This one went with her granddaughter and is absolutely outshining her in the eyes of the guys. Imagine going to spring break and having your grandma get the first glance instead of you? Yikes.

The Cutest Mirror Selfie In History

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

This grandma took a mirror selfie and then sent it in the mail to her family, and it’s potentially the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

I can only imagine the struggle that happened to try to get the camera to work in the first place. I’d love to be a fly on the wall.