A Woman Rescued Kitten Siblings Only To Discover That One Of Them Has A Rare Condition

Kittens are incredibly cute, making it tempting to adopt them on the spot. Their adorableness is the first thing that appeals to us, especially when they’re tiny kittens. When cat owner Nicole decided to take on the responsibility of adopting two sibling tuxedo cats, it seemed like a piece of cake, considering how small and sweet they were. However, she didn’t get them at an adoption center and didn’t know their history. Then something unusual happened. The cats that were once identical started to vary drastically in their appearance. One of them was definitely changing before her eyes. Read on to find out what this kitten was going through.

She Found Them In An Unlikely Place


Nicole was visiting a farm in Germany when she spotted animals that seemed not to belong there. Hiding in the corner of a barn were two little kittens. The siblings were only about four months old at the time. That’s a very young age for a cat to be without their mother.

Without any certainty of what had happened to their mother, or how long they had been on their own, Nicole had to act fast if she wanted to save the kittens. The shelter of the barn could only do so much for them.