Shelter Kitten Makes A Bold Move To Stay With His Sister

A Wisconsin woman named Alana Hadley was looking for a new feline companion after her tabby cat passed away. But finding a new member of her family didn’t turn out to be as easy as she thought it might be. Although she found the kitten she wanted to adopt right away, he wanted to stay with his sister and was willing to do anything he could to make that happen.

Missing Her Cat, Alana Thought Of Adopting

As many animal lovers know, it can be hard to cope with the passing of a beloved pet. The home feels too quiet, it’s difficult to break your routine of caring for your pet, and you just plain miss them.

orange cat in the winter
Unsplash/Remi Muller
Unsplash/Remi Muller

No pet can be replaced, but when the timing is right, many animal lovers look to find a new cat or dog to bring home. After her tabby cat passed away, Alana Hadley looked for a new cat companion in mid-January.