Single Mom Gets Car Impounded Then Cop Realizes She Needs Dire Help

No one can deny that life can get hard. No matter who you are, there will be times when your faith will get tested. Depending on one’s circumstances, things could be even worse for you. Ask single mother Ebony Rhodes of Atlanta, Georgia. Without any spousal support, Rhodes had to take on the challenge of raising four kids while living inside of a car. Without anywhere to come home to, the Rhodes family managed to get by with little means. Then one day, blue sirens sound off behind Rhodes. She had expired tags, and her license wasn’t valid anymore. Read on to find out how this story unfolded.

Swelling With Guilt


Motherhood is a joy, but it can get stressful, too. It’s even more difficult if you’re a single mother. Imagine having to take care of four kids while juggling multiple jobs and having health issues.

That’s the case for Ebony Rhodes, but she never complained. She wasn’t angry or annoyed at all. The only thing she felt was guilt because she couldn’t provide the life for her kids that she knew they deserved.