30 Ice And Snow Sculptures That Totally Make Winter Worth It

The winter months are great for sledding, ushering in Christmas, and staying inside wrapped up in a warm blanket with a hot cup of cocoa. On the other hand, below-freezing temperatures, slush all over the road, and ice storms can make for a pretty miserable time.

However, these ice and snow sculptures make us grateful that such a season exists. Each sculpture is hand-carved with precision that you normally don’t see from snowy creations. If you have hundreds of hours to spare and a ton of snow you can create something like this. The details are stunning and the fact that they remain in place is a wonder to behold.

A Classic Creation

If you’re more into an ice structure this hand-carved Cinderella creation should be right up your alley. From the characters inside to the amazing thin carved ice sheaths, it’s an absolute masterpiece among the craft. Plus it glows with carefully selected lights which really adds to the allure.

Not Really Full Of Holiday Cheer But Very Cool

Some of the snowy creations are definitely avant-garde. This is not a “holiday” creation in the traditional sense. At the same time, it clearly shows some of the amazing things you can do with a giant pile of snow. It won’t last forever but it makes a statement until the snow melts.

An Amazing Creation That Almost Seems Like a Permanent Structure

Some of the ice sculptures are lit up to add a shockingly cool final product. This sculpture took weeks to create and is a big tourist attraction. If it wasn’t made from ice it would be a great place to hold services throughout the year.

This Should Be in a Parade

This ice sculpture looks like it belongs in a Chinese New Year’s parade. It truly shows how globally accepted Christmas and the holiday spirit has become. It’s not Santa on his sleigh but it’s still an amazing creation.

The Cold Won’t Slow This Bug Down

The cold won’t keep this praying mantis away. The ice sculpture is held up by very little ice and the final design is shaded to perfection. How does someone even figure out they are good at this craft?

A Cartoonish Display of Amazing Art

Cartoons live in their own world and when brought to life with snow and ice they look just as fun. Look at the crowd that has gathered around to see this amazing display. Another perfect example of the influence of the snow over various parts of the world.

How Is This Even Supported?

Another work of avant-garde snow sculpturing. How is this snowy masterpiece even supporting its own weight? We feel like it would collapse if the temperature outside rose by even a few degrees. It takes a special type of artist to create such amazing works of art.

Hey look it’s Hedwig

There may not be a better example of a snowy work of art than this owl. Carved into a huge pile of snow with some rocky backdrops, this piece would take a single person days to create and yet it will only last until the cold winter months disappear.

Majestic To Say The Least

A common theme among snowy artists is the addition of mother nature. Here we see whales and seals sharing a snowy home together. These creations usually involve the help of dozens of workers who want to create something out of snow that has never been created before.

Hair Blowing in the Wind

If only these two people created such a massive snow sculpture we are definitely impressed. This creation won’t last a very long time but it’s sure to gather a bunch of attention from anyone driving by. It definitely puts our snowmen creations to shame.

A Different Look of Napoleon

This napoleanic creation is an amazing work of art. Notice the lights at the bottom of the sculpture which light it up with amazing effects every single night. It was a massive undertaking and the final results are brilliant.

Lit Up At Night

First, this is a very cool sculpture created in India. Second, the snow isn’t yellow, but rather tinted at night by the lights located at the base of the sculpture. Either way, a very neat creation.

All aboard the Polar Express-Snowpeircer

The detail on this train sculpture surely pleases both adult and children train enthusiasts. It might not move but it’s sure fun to stare at.

A Palace Made of Snow

This is the type of sculpture that takes dozens of people weeks to create. Many cities in very cold areas will create these amazing works of art as a way to attract tens of thousands of tourists.

An Adorable Sight to Behold

A polar bear momma and her cubs. There might not be a more perfect matchup of mother nature and snow. Look at the size of the humans next to this sculpture if you want to appreciate just how massive it really is.

Davey Jones’ Out To Get Us On This Wintery Day

Watch out Captain Jack Sparrow because Davy Jones is on land and looking for you. The blackness in the eyes and mouth of this sculpture really adds an extra creepy element into the mix.

A Unique King Kong Approach to Ice Sculpturing


Instead of a single block of ice artists created sections for this king kong creation and then placed them one on top of the other. It’s a different take on this type of artwork but it sure makes for a unique creation. 

Wait, Who’s Black and Who’s White?

With all of the sculptures in this chessboard the same color it would be really hard to actually play a match. Thankfully, they are gigantic and only meant for display purposes.

Movement In Ice

With a splash of color, this dancer really seems to be moving, even if they are stuck in a block of ice until the warmer months approach. This is a great example of how lighting with an ice sculpture can really bring it to life.

Straight From a Land of Fantasy

We’re not sure what type of creature this is or who is riding them but it’s incredibly detailed and once again proves how wonderful ice can be to work with.

Ice Cream for a Snowy Creation?

As if this guy doesn’t have enough cold to deal, now he is being asked to eat a snow cone? Although hot cocoa would cause him to melt so perhaps this was the right treat for such an icy creature.

A Snow Angel

Well this sure makes the snow angels we all create on the ground look a little sad. This creation was the work of just three people. It must have taken them a lot of planning and then sculpting to make this amazing masterpiece of the craft.

I Don’t Want To Go On This Carnival Cruise

Every ice sculpture on our list took a lot of planning. The poles on this creation are standing with some amazing results. I don’t want to take a cruise on this ship but I would have liked to visit it after it was completed.


We’re not sure what is going on with the cartoon looking character in the background but look at the hair on these wolves. The sculptor for this creation definitely knows how to create a lot of detail with nothing more than a giant pile of snow.

A Different Kind of Frozen Mammoth

Every now and again we find a mammoth frozen in a giant pile of snow. This time a giant pile of snow was turned into the mighty beasts. It’s a great example of the creative minds who create these types of work.