Spuds MacKenzie: The Haunting Tale Of The Original Party Animal

Few commercial icons are remembered as fondly as Spuds MacKenzie. Budweiser created the party animal to push their product in the ’80s. By the ’90s the character had taken on a life of his own. Before the world ever knew who the most interesting man in the world was, there was the most interesting dog in the world. Not everything was sunshine and roses behind the scenes though. This is the haunting tale of the real life of the hippest doggo ever known. You won’t believe what song was inspired by Spuds’ entourage!

Spuds MacKenzie Wasn’t Really A Good Boy

spuds mackenzie.jpg

Photo Credit: David Denny/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Spuds Mackenzie wasn’t a boy at all. The bull terrier cast to play Spuds was a girl. Her name, believe it or not, was Honey Tree Evil Eye. The truth about the dog’s gender was never supposed to be revealed, but People magazine broke ethical codes in 1987.

The magazine set out to debunk rumors of Spuds’ death and tracked down the family that owned her. In a massive breach of privacy, the published article even revealed the address of the Oles family. They, understandably, were not happy.