These Sweet Photos Show Dogs Responding To “Good Boy”

The way many of us speak to dogs is unlike the way we converse with anyone else. Our voices might get unusually high, we may make noises we wouldn’t otherwise make, and we probably use phrases of adoration that we’d be embarrassed to say to most humans. All of this is to get a priceless reaction from our beloved canines, which some people have captured on camera. Read on to see some heart-melting before-and-afters of dogs being called “good boy.”

From Oblivious To Pure Joy

This sweet dog was just minding his business, sitting and looking to the side. He’s completely oblivious, even to the toy sitting on the ground next to him. You can tell that the person taking the picture said something that grabbed the dog’s attention.


As soon as the owner praised the obedient canine with a “Good Boy,” the dog was all smiles. He probably was commanded to sit and thus stayed in the position even after his good behavior was validated.