New Jersey Teenager Helps Shelter Dogs Get Adopted By Making Them Bow Ties

Sir Darius Brown’s story is incredibly inspiring. When he was 8-years-old, his family learned that he was a little behind in developing his fine motor skills. They supported him in a creative way, teaching him how to sew. Two years later, major hurricanes devastated areas of Texas and Florida. Sir Darius knew he wanted to help. He turned to his creative outlet, sewing, to find a way to help the communities in need. His hard work and kindness quickly snowballed and became something incredible.

His Mother Suggested Sir Practice Sewing To Develop Hand-Eye Coordination


At eight-years-old, Sir Darius Brown and his family became aware that the boy was having some trouble developing his fine motor skills; the more difficult hand-eye coordination with using your fingers.

It wasn’t a big deal, but Sir Darius was a little behind in developing some skills that kids between the ages of 6-12 were able to master. His mother, Joy Brown, had a great idea to help him get some more practice. She suggested that Sir Darius help his hairstylist sister Dazhair sew bows to style hair.