The ‘Blue Peter’ Animals That Stole Our Hearts

Blue Peter was the show that everyone loved as a kid growing up in the UK. From the badges to the fun activities to the pets — there was something for every child. Chances are if you grew up in the UK, you were totally besotted by some of the pets that graced the Blue Peter studio. But (if you’re anything like us!) as you grew up you forgot they existed and got on with your adult lives. So, we’re here to remember the best Blue Peter animals that stole our hearts as the nation’s favourite pets. Which of these did you like best?

Petra The Dog

George Stroud/Express/Getty Images
George Stroud/Express/Getty Images

No animal in TV history has ever been loved quite like Petra was. She stole the nation’s heart when she appeared as the show’s first ever pet from 1962-1977. Chris was the first Blue Peter presenter and he brought her onto the show as a Christmas present in 1962. Petra was a hit, and lasted on the show for 15 years – a pretty good career length as far as TV presenting goes!

She was the pet you never had, and if you were lucky enough to meet her in real life you’d understand how special she really was. All around, she was a TV superstar and great Blue Peter pet. Here are Chris and Petra together.