40 Of The Friendliest Cities In The World

Friendly people definitely make the world go round, and that is certainly true for these cities. From exotic beaches, to sweet Southern hospitality, check out what international cities made the list of the most friendly! The “phoenix cities” are truly impressive.

Berlin, Germany


Berlin is an old city in Germany that dates all the way back to the 13th century. In its common form, however, it is the largest city in Germany. The large city boasts a population of around 3.7 million and it is also said to be one of the most multi-cultural cities in all of Europe. Although the city ended up divided after WWII, the city was reunited in 1990 and also became the capital of the entire country. Interestingly, and perhaps somewhat symbolically they have not let their previous split define them and now Berlin residents say they have the second highest level of trust in their friends.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota


Minneapolis is the 46th-largest city in the United States and the largest in its state of Minnesota. The city is known for being extremely welcoming and is said to have one of the largest LGBTQ communities in the United States. The city is also known for having an amazing music scene, performing arts, and a community that values culture and the arts. So it’s no surprise that two legendary musicians – Bob Dylan and Prince – both called the city home and origin point of their musical careers. The city has also been named as the only city from the United States on a worldwide bike-friendly list.

Can you guess Italy’s friendliest city?

Milan, Italy


The beautiful city of Milan is an Italian city and the capital of Lombardy. The city boasts a population of over 1 million people and counting the surrounding area over 3 million people. The city is famous for a variety of things from the arts to research to tourism. However, the city is undoubtedly most famous for being the fashion capital of the world. Milan has also been cited as having the highest level of openness towards others. This is probably why Milan remains one of the most desirable spots for tourists to visit. Milan residents have also been reported as some of the most willing to mingle with others when they travel, so it certainly sounds like the people are top-notch friendly.

Cusco, Peru


Cusco (or Cuzco) is a Peruvian city located near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range. It is the capital of the Cusco Region as well as the Cusco Province. The land on which this city stands was once the capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th century until the Spanish colonizers arrived. It has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Many people choose to stay in Cusco in order to visit Machu Picchu, amazing ruins left on the site of an ancient city in the Andes. Because the city welcomes so many tourists, people have reported this city as being extremely friendly.

Yes, a Canadian city made the list.

Vancouver, Canada


People often joke that Canadians are the friendliest people ever, so it’s no surprise that a Canadian city has made it on to the list. Vancouver is famous for a few things. It is the most populated city in British Columbia. It is where many Hollywood films have been shot, including 50 Shades of Grey. It is also the birthplace of Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds. Vancouver is also known to be extremely diverse both in ethnicity and in language. The city has been consistently rated as one of the top five worldwide cities for having the greatest quality of life and one of the best places to live in the world.

Portland, Maine


Another beautiful American city is Portland, Maine not to be confused with its sister city on the other coast Portland, Oregon (which was actually named after the Maine city). Portland is the most populated city in all of Maine with over half a million people living in the metropolitan area. There is also a very popular tourist area called The Old Port district. Interestingly, city seal has a Phoenix rising from the ashes which is said to be the city rising from the literal ashes of four fires which struck the area. Perhaps it is the resilient spirit of the people that have led them to be extremely friendly with visitors.

Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki is an amazing city found in the country of Finland. It also happens to be the capital and the third largest city in Finland. Helsinki has repeatedly been rated as one of the most “liveable” cities in the world and is regularly noted for its high quality of life. Helsinki has also been rated very high as an excellent place to socialize. The city is also famous for having boulevards to stroll down and you will often find impromptu performers up and down the streets making it an excellent time to engage with other members of this friendly community.

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San Antonio, Texas


San Antonio is a city located in the central part of Texas about an hour south of the state’s capital, Austin. The city is best known on a worldwide spectrum as the home of the Alamo, but the city also offers an array of other attractions. San Antonio is also the seventh most populated city in the entire United States. The city is strong and features many cultures, including a large German and Mexican-American population. The city has also been named as one of the friendliest cities in the world several times. According to Travel and Leisure one fan of the city said, “If you sneeze, four strangers will say ‘bless you’”.

Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok is the most populated city in Thailand, as well as its capital. The city has transformed tremendously since its origin as a trading post, from monarchy to the headquarters of multiple corporations. The city is also known to be a center of tourism, partying and arts. For instance, much of the bro-comedy film Hangover 2 centered in Bangkok. In addition to partying, the city also boats beautiful Buddhist Temples. It has repeatedly been named as “World’s Best City” by Travel + Leisure magazine. The city is also known to cater tremendously to tourists and many people report the amazing hospitality they have received, garnering a place on the friendliest cities list.

Baltimore, USA


Baltimore is one of the oldest cities in the United States, established in 1729. Many famed individuals have called the city home over the years including Edgar Allen Poe, Frederick Douglass, singer Billie Holiday, and filmmaker John Waters. In addition to housing many well-beloved people of the United States, the city is also rich in history. Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner in Baltimore during the War of 1812. The city has also been named as one of the world’s friendliest cities, which is unsurprising since a large number of tourists flock to the city to take part in its historic beauty.

Victoria, Canada


Victoria is a beautiful city in Canada located in the province of British Columbia. The city is known for some magnificent beaches as it is located on Canada’s Pacific coast. It is the seventh most populated city in Canada. The city was first settled back in 1843 and was named after Queen Victoria, who ruled over the area at the time. The city is known as a large draw for tourists and is also known for a large technology community. It has been continuously named as one of the top cities in the world for having the best quality of life an many of its residents are known for their relaxed, laidback attitudes.

Paris, France


Paris, France is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in the entire world. It has long been a center point of the world for being a truly cosmopolitan city and the origin of all things new. The city is also the most populated city in all of France as well as the capital. Paris has always been known for its fashion and it remains so today. Although the city has sadly faced terrorist attacks in the last few years, the residents and people who love the city have not let them hold them back from showing love. The city is continuously ranked as one of the best places to socialize.

Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavík is a beautiful city in Iceland. It also, like many others on the list happens to be the capital and the largest city in the country. It is also the location of the first settlement in Iceland which is thought to have been established, astoundingly, all the way back in AD 875. The city is now known to be a huge tourist draw in addition to being one of the cleanest cities in the world. Residents have also embraced going green and its said to be one of the safest and friendliest cities in the world.

Sydney, Australia


Sydney is the most populated city in Australia, and probably one of the most well-known. The beautiful city sits on the east coast of the continent. Australia, like North America, was home to indigenous people. In this case the indigenous Australians had called the place their own for at least 30,000 years. Later the area was settled by a British man named Captain Arthur Phillip who founded Sydney as a penal colony. However, despite their rather interesting beginnings the city has since become known as a major cultural force not only in Australia but the entire world. It is known for being one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world and over 250 different languages are spoken in the city. Sydney has regularly been rated as one of the best cities as far as quality of living goes and also rated high for economic opportunity making it an amazing place to both visit and call home.

Warsaw, Poland


Warsaw is a well-known city in Europe and the capital and largest city in the country of Poland. At one point, Warsaw was seen as a cosmopolitan haven and described as “The Paris of The East”. It was commonly described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world up until World War II which saw massive destruction both to the people and the city itself. Since WWII, the city has garnered the nickname of a “Phoenix City” because it has literally risen from the ashes to begin again. Today, it is still considered one of the most amazing cities in Europe and is also described as a place people like to visit and has been ranked on “most livable” lists. People who live in this historic place have often said that they highly value entertaining at home, signifying people definitely love to interact with one another in their close-knit communities.

New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans is the largest and undoubtedly the most famous city in the state of Louisiana. The city was nearly destroyed in the wake of the massive destruction caused by the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. However, the city has since attempted to rebuild and is still considered a top tourism spot in the world. The city is known for its flavorful culture including French and Spanish Creole influences. The residents and city are known for its food, jazz music and massive festivals, primarily Mardi Gras. NOLA has regularly been listed as one of the most unique in the United States and the world. New Orleans is also known for being very welcoming to visitors and has regularly gained top spots on friendliest lists.

Toronto, Canada


Unsurprisingly, here is yet another city from Canada that made the list. This time up is Toronto, Canada. Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario. The city is well known for its inclusive nature and friendliness and even boasts a massive annual Pride festival. The city is known for an array of impressive features including the arts, culture and massive business. Additionally, Toronto is known to be extremely multi-cultural and regularly listed as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. The city residents have reported 200 distinct ethnic origins which is quite astounding and definitely says something for the friendliness of the city!

Krakow, Poland


Kraków is one of the oldest cities in the country of Poland. It is also the second largest and is said to date back all the way to the 7th century. Kraków has always been considered one of the main centers for academics, culture, and art. Kraków was, of course, affected tremendously by WWII, although like Warsaw it managed to the rebuild in the face of massive adversity, lending to the character of its people. The city is regularly ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is sought out by tourists as a unique destination in the world.

Dublin, Ireland


Dublin might have a population as a hard-partying city, however, it is so much more than that. The city is the largest in all of Ireland, and the capital. The city originated as a Viking settlement. Dublin has also been named as one of the top thirty cities in the entire world. The city is known for being a hub of culture, arts, education and economy. Due to the laidback and friendly way of the Irish it has regularly been listed as one of the world’s friendliest cities as well as one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Asheville, North Carolina


Asheville was first created as a settlement in 1784, however it was already home to members of the Cherokee nation before that. The city is also known for its music and arts scene and quite a few Hollywood films were even shot there. Some of the most famous films over the years include Dirty Dancing and The Hunger Games. The city is known for having small-town sensibilities in a big city package. Asheville is known as a place welcoming and friendly to strangers and has even been mentioned as one of the friendliest cities in the world to the LGBTQ community.

Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville, Tennessee is known for being the country music capital of the world and perhaps it is this downhome hospitality that has ranked it as one of the most friendly cities in the world! The music has definitely been a draw to tourists and it is one of the most popular places to visit in the entire United States. Nashville also sports numerous Civil War sites, which makes it a popular destination for history buffs as well. Due to the high influx of tourists the city is known for being extremely friendly and welcoming to people from around the world.

Rome, Italy


Rome is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in the world. It is the capital of Italy and the most populated commune. Vatican City is located within the boundaries of Rome although it is regarded as an independent country. The history of Rome is perhaps one of the most colorful in all of history and it’s origin was said to begin some 28 centuries ago around 753 BC. The city has been called numerous things throughout history including The Eternal City (Tibullus 1 century BC) and the Caput Mundi or the Capital of the World. In addition to a center of religion, it has also been a center point for arts and culture. Rome is considered a global city, is one of the most visited cities in the world and is the most popular tourist attraction in all of Italy. The city has also been rated as the second highest of being open to others.

Kyoto, Japan


Kyoto is a city located on the island of Honshu, Japan. At one point, it was the capital of Japan for over one thousand years. According to various archeologists, the city was likely settled by humans as long ago as the Paleolithic Period. The city has also been considered as an intellectual center of Japan. In more recent years, Kyoto has worked to continue into the era of modernity and even regularly spout the friendly nature of the city to attract tourists. The city is said to be welcoming of both different cultures and religions, despite being a largely Buddhist country.

Madrid, Spain


Madrid is one of the most well-known and largest cities in Spain. Madrid is known for being a center point in the country for arts, politics and economics. The city is regularly listed as a major influencer in a variety of areas including arts, entertainment, finance and fashion. The city is also a huge tourist draw and it boasts and interesting combination of modern infrastructure along with historic landmarks dating all the way back to the 1600s. The city’s residents have been rated as the most likely out of any other population in the world to look for any excuse to party. So it sounds like this is definitely a place to visit if you want to meet some friends.

Austin, Texas


Another Texas city has made the list. Austin’s slogan is “Keep Austin Weird” and although Texas is known as a bastion of conservativism the opposite is true for Austin. The city is massively multicultural and known for being welcoming to people from all walks of life. In addition, the city is known for having a hugely diverse music scene as well as a very popular destination for filmmakers. The city originated in the 1830s and still stands as the capital of Texas today. In 2017, it was rated by the U.S. News and World Report as the #1 place to live in the United States.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and also the most populated city. Copenhagen originated as Viking fishing village all the way back in the 10th century. It has been the capital of Denmark since the 15th century. Despite facing multiple disasters throughout the years, Copenhagen has remained a culture mainstay of the country. It is known to have an amazing culture full of impressive architecture and not to mention a vivid nightlife scene with restaurants and nightclubs. It is regularly listed as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The city has also been rated as one of the most sociable and accepting cities in the world. Residents are likely to be very progressive towards other people’s lifestyles. They also value social priorities over personal ones, enjoy entertaining at home and are the third most regular users of social media in the world.

Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town, South Africa is the second most populated city in the country. The city is probably best known for numerous landmarks. It has also continuously been listed as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Many immigrants and expatriates relocate to Cape Town. In 2014, it was named by the New York Times as the best place in the world to visit. The city is one of the biggest tourist draws in the entire continent of Africa and its tourism industry has grown tremendously. This is probably why it is often listed as one of the best places to visit in the world.

New York City, New York


New York City is the most populated city in the United States of America. Although New York hasn’t always had a reputation for being friendly and in fact quite the contrary. This perception has seemingly changed in the wake of 9/11 which proved the city and the nation at large could unify as one. New York City is one of the most sought out tourist destinations in the United States. It is also a known headquarters of foodies. New Yorkers are said to eat out more than any other people in the world which makes sense since they have great cuisine from people around the world.

Savannah, Georgia


Another city on the list full of sweet Southern sensibilities is none other than Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is the oldest city in all of Georgia and was established in 1733. The city has held on to much of its history and still boasts cobblestone streets and historic buildings. Because of this, millions of tourists flock to the city in order to witness a little bit of history for themselves. The city has often been listed as one of the friendliest in the nation, more than likely due to a little bit of Southern hospitality.

Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since the 15th century. It is known for being a center in education, finance and culture. And it has often been named as one of the top tourist destinations within the United Kingdom attracting a reported one million visitors from overseas annually. The city has been named as a World Heritage site. The city is also known for having famous music festivals and a popular music scene in general. The city has a reputation of being among the world’s most friendly, which is undoubtedly due to the kindness of the Scottish people.

Boston, USA


Boston, Massachusetts is one of the most historic cities in the United States. It is also the capital of Massachusetts and the most populated city in the state. Boston was originally founded by Puritan settlers in 1630, and is the site of many important events during the American Revolution, most notably the Boston Tea Party. The city is a major cultural hub and is home to many colleges and universities, businesses, and other cultural endeavors. And despite having one of the highest costs of living in the United States, it remains ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. Residents reportedly have some of the highest frequencies of eating food outside of the home and hanging out with their friends, which contributes to the friendly reputation.

Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland is the largest urban areas in New Zealand and is known to be extremely diverse and highly multi-cultural. The city is also home to the largest Polynesian population in the world. The land is absolutely beautiful and in addition to ocean views, there are also mountain ranges, rain forest, and even dormant volcanoes. The beauty of the land has been used prominently in various films, as Middle Earth in The Lord of The Rings. Aukland has been classified as a World City due to its cultural importance. The city boasts a large tourist presence and it is often ranked as having one of the highest qualities of life in the world.

Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and one of the most populated cities. The city is known as the epicenter of culture in Sweden. It is also a leader in politics, media and the economy. In addition to housing some of Europe’s top universities, Stockholm also hosts the Nobel Prize awards yearly. It has also been the focus point of multiple other cultural happenings. Additionally, the city has been named as a runner-up as the most sociable city in the world. It is also said to have the most liberal residents in the world.

Siem Reap, Cambodia


Siem Reap is a popular tourist destination and resort town in Cambodia. The city is known for its colonial and Chinese style architecture. Culturally, Siem Reap also offers museums, dance, shops, hotels, and resorts. Although Cambodia has certainly faced its share of atrocities over the years, the city has grown to such a strong tourist destination that it has garnered a spot as one of the most friendly places in the world. This is likely due to the majority of people working in some way in the tourist industry and thus catering to those who come to their city.

Gothenburg, Sweden


Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden and one of the most friendly places to visit. The city was founded by the Dutch in 1621 as a trading colony. The city has multiple universities and is also home to the car company Volvo. It also hosts the annual Gothenburg Film Festival. Residents from Gothenburg are said to place their highest value on socializing. They are also noted to be the third most liberal when it comes to accepting other people. Residents of Gothenburg also have been rated as frequent users of social media, putting a lot of trust in their friends and were voted as the third most likely to have “any excuse to party.”

Cork, Ireland


Another Irish city to make the list is Cork, Ireland. The city is located in south-west Ireland and was originally founded by Vikings in 915. The city has a lot of interesting historical events that took place here and despite the fact that much of the city has nationalist tendencies it has still been noted as one of the friendliest cities. Cork has also been named on lists as one of the best places in the world to travel to. There is also a healthy rivalry between Cork and Dublin, which coincidentally was the other Irish city named on this list as one of the world’s most friendly.

Coronado, California


Coronado, California is a resort town located in San Diego County. The city was founded in the 1880s. Coronado is relatively small compared to others in California and yet has still been listed as one of the most friendly, likely due to the fact that the majority of its industry is dependent on tourism. The city is also home to a famous hotel called the Hotel Del Coronado. Some say that the hotel even served as inspiration for The Emerald City in Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, as he stayed there and the colors of the hotel are green and white.

Sanibel, Florida


Beautiful Sanibel, Florida is home to a small population and beautiful beaches. Sanibel is an island and a popular tourist destination. The Island also hosts a Wildlife Refuge and other tourism spots like museums and theaters. Seashell collectors are known to flock to the small island because of the large amount of interesting shells that wash up on the beaches from the Gulf of Mexico. Another tourist draw is the Sanibel lighthouse. Due to much of the Sanibel residents making their living off of tourism, it is said to be an extremely friendly place to visit.

Telluride, Colorado


Picturesque Telluride is located in the state of Colorado. The town was originally formed as a silver mining camp and later gold mining. Telluride sits in a box canyon and it has become a massively popular tourist spot. It has been the subject of multiple songs and also is known for its ski resort. Telluride is also home to a very popular musical festival. Colorado is already known for having a laid-back reputation and this city is certainly no different. Telluride has been listed as one of the most friendly and best places to visit in the United States.

Wailea, Hawaii


Just about anywhere in Hawaii seems like a wonderful place to visit but Wailea is different from the populated areas like Waikiki and Lahaina. Wailea has often been cited as home to some of the most friendly people in the world. While, like other places in Hawaii, it is a resort town with many of the residents working in the tourism industry, Wailea is still a special place. The city also offers shopping in addition to a beautiful beach. Visitors often mention the friendliness of the locals during their travels which is sure to make every trip better!