The Funniest Baby Photoshoot Fails

There’s something many parents don’t realize about capturing a baby’s best moments during a photoshoot. Professional photographers can spend hours trying to capture just the right frame. If you decide to venture out on your own and take pictures of your little bundle of joy, you probably can’t expect the same results that a professional will deliver. These parents attempted to recreate popular baby photoshoot scenarios and they failed miserably.

Bad Aim Ruined This Baby’s Photo Shoot

Parents awkwardly kiss their baby on both cheeks.

This was nearly a successful photo shoot. However, it’s yet more proof that you probably won’t nail your baby photo shoot on the first try. If you have your camera on a timer or you’re trying a selfie shot you are probably going to fail.

At the same time, we actually love this photo because it shows a real side of life that the professional photographer didn’t capture in the same way. When all else fails, go for simple instead of a staged photo that needs to be executed perfectly.