The Funniest Felines Of Snapchat

Out of every pet, cats have the unique trait of always, always getting into trouble. Whether it’s getting stuck in a vase or being chased by a bear, these cats who ended up on Snapchat found themselves in a sticky situation. Is it mean to laugh?

Like A Cat Out Of Hell

We don’t expect our beloved fur babies to be summoning things from the depths of fiery unknown, but our kitties don’t always grow up the way we want them to. This incredible snap has caught a rare moment where this witchy black cat is either practicing for a role in a horror film or straight-up staring into a gateway to Hell and asking his feline brethren to come up to play.

Image Credit: Snapchat / Jaker2343
Image Credit: Snapchat / Jaker2343

What happens when you finally turn off the stove? We don’t want to find out. Perhaps it was just a passing moment of the kitty simply digging his reflection.