The Funniest Halloween Costumes For Pets This Year

In 2018, 31 million Americans dressed up their pets for Halloween, according to one survey. And that number is only going to go up every passing year, because we just can’t get enough animals in costumes! It’s the cutest thing ever and we love to do it. Whether you’re looking for costume ideas for your precious pet or if you just like getting a laugh by looking at other peoples’ animals in their Halloween finest, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some of the cutest and cleverest costumes for pets.

Yee Haw, Ride On Corgi!

corgi with a cowboy on its back

This adorable Corgi is the perfect “horse” for the little cowboy on his back. The look on his face as he’s tearing around is priceless, and so is the cowboy’s expression. We love that this costume even comes with a little hat for the cowboy to wave as he takes a ride on his new steed.

Hopefully, the dog isn’t too frightened and gets used to his passenger in time to go trick-or-treating.