The Incredible Heroes of 9/11

Although September 11th took place many years ago, it is still fresh in the minds of many, many Americans. There are countless stories of the things that took place on that fateful day. Many people helped one another and the country was united like never before. Here are the stories of some of the heroes of that day.

Tom Burnett Stormed The Cockpit On Flight 93

Photo credit: Pinterest/Lori Brown
Photo credit: Pinterest/Lori Brown

Tom was the vice president of a medical supply company in California. When he began his day on September 11, he had no idea that he would become a major hero in American history. He boarded Flight 93, scheduled to travel from Newark to San Francisco. The plane was hijacked by the terrorists. It is believed that the hijackers intended to crash the plane into the U.S. capital.

Todd was able to call his wife Deena several times while aboard the flight. She informed him about the World Trade Center attack. His last words to his wife were, “Don’t worry, we’re going to do something.” He and some other passengers then stormed the cockpit, causing the hijackers to crash the plane into a Pennsylvania field rather than their intended target. Tom was undoubtedly a true and selfless hero.

As we’ll see, there were many heroes aboard Flight 93 that day.