The Most Adorable Baby Animals At The Zoo

One of the most special events to observe at the zoo is the birth of a baby animal. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums estimates that 800,000 animals are in the care of accredited zoos and aquariums, so the birth of newborn animals is something that the caregivers take very seriously. Not only do animal parents get to welcome their baby to the world, but they are able to continue on the circle of life. Looking through photos of baby zoo animals is not only adorable, but there are tons of interesting facts about what makes them a crucial part of the animal kingdom.

Mother Pandas Raise Their Cubs In A Unique Way

This is a baby panda named Meng Yuan who was one of the twin panda cubs born to his mom Meng Meng at a zoo in Berlin, Germany. Their enclosure is worth almost $13 million. When pandas are in the wild they usually raise only one cub at a time, so zookeepers regularly switch out the cubs.

mom and baby panda snuggling together
Maja Hitij/Getty Images
Maja Hitij/Getty Images

When Meng Yuan and his twin were born they spent the first few weeks of their lives in an incubator. Unfortunately, there are less than 2,000 pandas left in the wild, so seeing them at the zoo is a once in a lifetime experience.