The Most Beautiful Shipwrecks From Around The World

According to the United Nations, there are an estimated three million undiscovered shipwrecks sitting on the ocean floors around the world. While many will remain undiscovered, a great number have been found, becoming exploration sites for divers, researchers, boaters, and marine enthusiasts. They rest in various stages of decay, and often have transformed into homes for budding marine life. Though they are just the remains of once-mighty vessels, they are far from simple marine litter. Each holds a hauntingly tragic beauty and serves as a window to history. Here are some of the most beautiful shipwrecks from around the world.

Concrete Decay

sunk ship off the coast
Virginia State Parks/flickr
Virginia State Parks/flickr

In 1918, during World War II, President Woodrow Wilson commissioned the construction of the Kiptopeke Breakwater, which was meant to consist of 24 concrete ships. Only 12 were actually made, and of that dozen, nine were hauled to Kiptopeke Beach to bring protection during severe weather conditions to what was then known as the Chesapeake Ferry Terminal.

The Ferry no longer exists, but the ships, nicknamed the Concrete Fleet, are still there. A century later, they have deteriorated and decayed, and the result is quite beautiful. They also provide a home for coastal fish, shellfish, and birds.