The Most Gorgeous Christmas Trees In The World

While we don’t all observe the same holidays, one thing that’s consistent is the abundance of Christmas trees many people enjoying during the cold winter months. Whether you have one in your home to liven the holiday spirit or love to drive around and see all the lights, you’re bound to stumble on a few beautiful trees from the months of November to January.

Despite the long holiday season, it never feels like we’ve seen all there is to see when it comes to taking in the abundances of beautiful Christmas trees. Now, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home because we’ve compiled a list gorgeous trees that will light up your heart.

Stick around until the end to see the most magnificent trees ever to be decorated for the holidays.

20. London’s Tree


Ever wonder what a tree might look like if you combine art with the look of a traditional Christmas tree? Well, you might end up with this beauty of a tree, which is currently located in London. You can spend a full day looking at Christmas trees in London, and take in enormous trees like The Lego Tree at St. Pancras International Station, or the traditional tree as Trafalgar Square, but this particular tree is one of a kind.

19. Gubbio, Italy’s Tree Installation


Ever wonder what the ultimate tree experience looks like? Just check out this tree made out of trees! This wild tree is located in Gubbio, Italy, and as you can see, it was designed on a mountain top of trees. It’s so epic, that this medieval town is known for having the biggest tree-light installations in the entire world.

18. London’s Best Photo Op Tree


Ever wanted the perfect photo op in front of the tree? Well, if you’re going to be in London, you should check out this particular spot, which features a gorgeous tree and a fountain. This awesome tree is located at Trafalgar Square and has been around since 1947 thanks to the people of Norway, who donate the tree once a year.

It’s a beautiful tree but it doesn’t have the technologically responsive features of our tree at #7.

17. The Upside Down Tree


This is quite a wild sight. The upside down tree is one of the most unique trees every decorated, and it’s located in Paris, France. Not only is the tree decorated with gold jewels, but the room that it hangs upside down in is absolutely magnificent.  If you want to get a closer look at the tree and all of the intricate details, you can hop up on the balcony.

16. The Purple Tree


Sometimes looking at Christmas trees can get boring. There’s only so many light options you can have on a standard Christmas tree, but what this list proves is that anything goes, and these are not your old fashioned Christmas trees. If you’d like to take in a spectacular sight, go to Warsaw, Poland to see this beautiful purple tree.

If you think this is cool the Christmas tree at #5 is going to blow your mind.

15. Blue Lit Tree


Odds are you’ve seen your fair share of blue lights up during the holiday season, but have you ever witnessed a blue tree this marvelous? Probably not. This particular tree is located in Paris, France, and it features the most dangerous star known to man. Aside from the hyperbole, it sure is a gorgeous sight.

14. Disney Toy Tree


Do you want to bring out your inner kid? Or have kids that are in love with Disney? Well, this tree will leave anyone wide-eyed. This tree, located inside of a mall in London, England is made up of tons of Disney toys. From Mickey Mouse as the star to Simba from “The Lion King,” this is a sight you’ll never forget.

13. The Christmas Market in Lithuania


Ever wonder what Keebler’s elves residency would look like if it was a tree? Well, look no further than this elf-like themed tree which is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Every year the fairy tale Christmas tree is featured when the Christmas Market opens. The event itself is huge and gathers many people, both tourists and locals.

12. The Lego Tree


Thanks to Legos being a childhood staple, and the visibility that the lego movies have given the toy, kids can’t get enough of Legos these days. With that said, this Lego tree in Sydney, Australia is a must see for any enthusiast. The most exciting thing about this tree is every night a light show happens that truly illuminates the tree.

11. Brandenburg Gate Tree In Germany


If you want to see one of the fullest trees around, check out this tree at the Brandenburg Gate in Belin, Germany. This grand tree matches its even grander history which dates back to the 18th century. The tree is so widely celebrated and sought after during the holiday season, that it’s known as one of the most popular landmarks in Germany.

Our next tree is metallic and strikingly beautiful.

10. The Metallic Tree


This is definitely not your grandma’s tree. The metallic Christmas tree, in Madrid, Spain, is one of the most modern looking trees out there. Technically it’s not even a tree, but sometimes it’s just the shape that counts. Instead of traditional lights, the structure is lit up with green circles, which make up the tree in its entirety.

The next Christmas tree looks like something Tim Burton dreamed up for “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”

9. Spookiest Tree In Town


For those that love a truly spooky sight, especially those that love Halloween more than Christmas, here’s a tree that will combine both holidays in a unique way. This spooky sight, located in Syracuse, New York looks like it popped right out of a scene in “The Headless Horseman.” Plus, look at that amazing background for the tree… creepy yet beautiful.

8. The Tallest Tree In Europe


If you’re interested in seeking out great heights, you should check out Europe’s tallest tree, which is located in Lisbon, Portugal. The tree has been around since 2004, and since 2005, it has been featured in the Guinness World Records for being the tallest tree. If you wanted to see it at its tallest, you missed your chance, because in 2007 it stood at a record-shattering 249 feet.

7. The Umbrella Tree


Following the modern trend for trees is the tree entirely made up of umbrellas. When it comes to the weather in London, it’s known to bring on the rain and gloomy days, so it makes sense that this Burberry designed umbrella tree would find its home in rainy London, England. If you want to check this awesome tree out it’s located in the London hotel. The best part is that it’s motion responsive.

A tree made out of people? That’s up next!

6. The People Tree


If you really want to see something out of this world, check out the people tree located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This tree currently holds the record of being the largest tree formed by humans. The new record was broken when 2,945 people gathered at the Democracy Plaza of the Presidential House located in the capital of Tegucigalpa. Will they break a record this year? Who knows!

5. The Glass Tree


This is one of the most beautiful trees and its made entirely out of glass. The tree, which features several painted Christmas trees stands tall in Taipei, Taiwan. The most radical thing about this particular tree is that its multiple colors and since it’s glass, it’s see through, which would make for some truly unique photos if you get close enough.

We’ve seen metallic and glass trees so how about one made out of wood? Check it out next.

4. The Tree Made Out Of Wood


Art comes in all kinds of forms, and as it turns out so do Christmas trees. Our next tree exists in Estonia, and as you can see, it’s made out of wood. This modern architecture was built by students at local school Rakvere Professional school. The students built the trees by using wasted wood from local mills.

3. The Floating Tree


We’ve seen what a tree made out of woods looks like, and even an upside down tree. Next up we have the floating tree located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This breathtaking sight is part of the annual holiday celebration, which is complete with fireworks and the lighting of the tree. At one point it was the world’s largest tree.

Up next it a national Christmas tree. Click through to see what that means.

2. The National Christmas Tree


We couldn’t do this slide show without featuring the national Christmas tree. As you might know, this evergreen tree stands outside of the White House.  Like another popular tree lighting ceremony, this one is also televised. It has quite the history, first appearing in 1923. Since former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, every president has made a speech during the Christmas tree lighting every year.

1. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree


If there’s one tree that’s widely celebrated all over the world, it’s the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Every year some of the most popular acts in music come out to sing Christmas songs during a televised ceremony. At the very end of the ceremony, the tree is lit in front of the tens of thousands of people that attend the event, and the millions that watch at home. Throughout the months of December and January, it’s a huge tourist attraction and a massive photo opportunity.