The Most Popular Recipes In Every State Will Have You Heading To The Kitchen

Everyone has their go-to dishes and signature recipes that they prepare for family parties and big functions. These dishes vary vastly depending on where you live in the United States. In 2018, Google released statistics on the most searched-for recipes in every state over the past year. Recipe searches for gumbo in Louisiana or crab dip in Maryland don’t seem out of the ordinary, but you might be surprised that Nevadans are cooking chicken adobo and people in Idaho have a craving for crepes! Keep reading to see the most popular dishes in every state!

Texas: Tortilla Soup

As it sits on the southern border of the country, it’s not surprising that Texas has a notable Mexican influence – especially on its food (Tex-Mex, anyone?). So it makes sense that Texans have been Googling recipes for tortilla soup.

Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The time of year is irrelevant for comfort food and tortilla soup is no exception. There are different variations of the recipe but at the heart of it is a tangy broth of chiles, tomatoes and other spices, with tender chicken and fresh tortilla strips. No matter what recipe you find, your Latina grandma still probably makes it better than anyone else.