The Most Unique Marathons In The World

Running a marathon is not for the faint of heart. While most people think running 26.2 miles for fun is crazy, others are addicted to the distance.

Throughout the world, there are countless marathons with various themes, destinations, and purposes. But some are much different from the mainstream marathons that we typically think of. Some marathons are set in hostile climates, while others involve running next to free-ranging lions! Whether they’re fun and goofy or downright dangerous in their intensity, see which marathons stand out amongst the rest in the world.

The Man Vs. Horse Marathon Started With a Pub Argument

Photo Credit: Whole Earth Peanut Butter via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Whole Earth Peanut Butter via Getty Images

Held in the town of Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, the Man Versus Horse Marathon is an annual event each June. Runners on foot compete against riders on horseback in a 22-mile race. The race came about after an argument in a Welsh pub in 1980.

Two men were arguing that after a significant distance, a man could beat a horse in a race and the other disagreed. The first race was then organized that year. Since its inception, a horse has won every year up until 2004 when a man named Huw Lobb won. A human took the title again in 2007 when Florian Holzinger finished the race first.