How The Piglet State Of Mind Is Helping Kids Learn About Acceptance

We could all benefit from a little more tolerance and positive thinking. After all, if a tiny, pink, blind, and deaf puppy can overcome his anxiety, why can’t we?

It’s time for everyone to meet Piglet, the inspiring six-pound puppy who teaches kids about acceptance and how positive thinking can change your entire attitude. When she first adopted Piglet, Melissa never thought lesson plans and school meet-and-greets were going to happen. But her little pink dog changed the lives of many little kids.

Meet Piglet


Veterinarian Melissa Shapiro has always been one to help animals in need, so rescuing a puppy found in a hoarding situation was a no brainer — the dachshund-Chihuahua mix came from a house that had 37 puppies.

The poor animal was subjected to double dapple breeding, meaning he had a very good chance of coming out with a few birth defects. Piglet came out deaf, blind, and as it so happens, completely pink.