The Wonderful Life of Captain Liz Clark and Her First Mate, Amelia the Cat

For most of us, the idea of life on the open seas sounds a little too daunting. To Liz Clark, it’s just her life. San Diego born Liz gave up everything to sail around the world on her 40-foot-sailing boat, Swell, alongside her cat, Amelia.

Liz’s adventures with her feline first mate haven’t gone unnoticed, with over 100,000 followers keeping up with their journey on Instagram. Join us as we take a look at the fabulous life of Liz and Amelia on the open seas. From what inspired the sailor to what they love most about their nomadic lifestyle — this is a story you don’t want to miss.

Liz Got Her Sea Legs Early

Liz and her Mom
Photo via @captainlizclark/Instagram
Photo via @captainlizclark/Instagram

Liz Clark was born and raised in San Diego, California. At the age of seven, she learned to sail on a simple red sailing dinghy – miles away from the boat she would eventually call her home.

After completing a 5,000-mile six-month cruise in Mexico with her family on their sailboat, The Endless Summer, Liz knew that the beauty and freedom of sea travel was something she would love forever. At just 10 years old, the trip opened up her mind to the environment outside of what she usually saw in the city. From that day on, Liz knew she wanted to help protect the environment in any way she could.