The World’s Longest-Living Animals Surpass Your Wildest Expectations

All animals are born, live, and then eventually die. However, how much time they have on the planet is determined according to their species, habitat, and situation. Some animals may only live for less than a year while others have been alive for so long that it’s mind-blowing. Take a look to see the animals on the planet that live the longest lives considering they aren’t hunted, killed, or die of other causes prematurely. There’s even one that’s considered by scientists to be immortal.

Greenland Shark

The Greenland shark, otherwise known as the gurry or grey shark is a “sleeper shark” that is typically found in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Estimated to have the capacity to live 300 to 500 years old, it has the longest lifespan of any vertebrate species and is also one of the biggest sharks still in existence.

WaterFrame/Alamy Stock Photo
WaterFrame/Alamy Stock Photo

They can grow to be over 21 feet and weigh over a ton. The Greenland shark lives deep beneath the surface which in turn has caused its meat to become toxic, making it an apex predator eating just about anything it can get its hands on.