These Christmas Decoration Fails Are Guaranteed To Make Santa Cringe

The Christmas season is almost upon us, so it’s time to get those holiday decorations down from the attic and dive headfirst into the holiday spirit. With approximately 225 million people celebrating Christmas worldwide each year, there are bound to be some questionable Yuletide decorations out there. Let’s take a look and learn how NOT to decorate for Christmas so Santa Claus doesn’t pass over your house out of disgust for your disrespect toward the holiday.

You won’t believe what someone did to their toilet to “celebrate” Christmas!

“Slay Bells” Ring

Here, we have the Christmas decorations of that one neighbor who nobody ever sees except when they’re mowing their lawn four times a day. It’s the house that your parents tell you not to go trick or treating at every year, and you run past it whenever you’re walking your dog. Nobody even knows when they managed to put this tasteful decoration up, it just appeared there one night. Either someone really hates Christmas, or we’re misinterpreting this decoration. We assume it’s the latter. However, props for the creativity. It must have been difficult to make Christmas decorations look this sinister.