These Couples Included Their Pets On Their Wedding Day and the Results Are Adorable

For lots of pet owners, your fur baby is just as important as a real-life family member — so it only makes sense that you would include them on one of the most important days of your life.

On your wedding day, you want to have the most important people surrounding you. For these brides and grooms, this meant having their cats and dogs by their side. From groomsmen posing with an adorable basset hound to the cutest kittens revealing Mom and Dad’s save-the-date, you have to see how these couples included their furry friends on their big day!

Groom’s Best Friend

Photo Credit: Jessica Stroup/ Pinterest

This basset hound is the definition of man’s best friend. Here he is partaking in wedding day festivities with the groom’s party — and it totally looks like he’s calling the shots! By the looks of it, we bet that this basset hound was there for some of the bachelor shenanigans too.

Best of all? This pup is wearing matching tuxedo designed to look just like the groomsmen. One thing is for sure, this is one adorable shot!

Paws All In

Photo Credit: CiCi Charlesworth / Pinterest

Showing off the new bling is one of the most classic wedding photos for newlyweds. But this couple decided to get creative and include their dog’s paws in the shot too. The result? Adorable and hilarious.

Judging by this photo, we bet the rest of their wedding album has a ton of heart-warming (and silly) memories. We wonder if either one of these pups served as the ring bearer in the wedding? They definitely seem like they would be up for the job!

A Purrfect Portrait To Remember

Photo Credit: ModWedding / Pinterest

This bride loves her feline companion so much that she had her included in this stunning bridal portrait. These beautiful shots show that not only does the bride have one well-mannered kitty, but that the love between the two is real.

The bride will surely cherish this photo for years to come and will even have it on hand to one day show her children and grandchildren just how much she loved her pet. Not to mention, it’s obvious that these were taken by a professional photographer which makes it feel even more special. We wonder if the kitty got some Fancy Feast for being so cooperative on Mom’s wedding day?

Pug lovers will gush over the adorable flower girl coming up soon!

I Loved Her First

Photo Credit: Tiffany McClure / Pinterest

The phrase “I loved her first” is seen in lots of wedding and engagement photo shoots and is inspired by a country song. But in this case, the bride had a custom-made sign for her beloved dog to wear around his neck.

Her adorable pooch also served as the honorary ring bearer, walking his companion down the aisle. We bet that was one adorable sight for all the guests gathered to see the couple exchange vows! Speaking of adorable, how precious is the dog’s expression in the second photo? Dogs really do offer unconditional love, so it’s only right to include them on your special day!

This Puppy Is The Cutest Flower Girl We’ve Ever Seen

Photo Credit: Teresa Nguyen / Pinterest

Isn’t this French bulldog puppy the most adorable flower girl you’ve ever seen? She even has a perfect, dainty flower crown to sit atop her sweet little head! This small pup looks quite young — so we wonder if she was a gift from the bride’s husband-to-be? If so, he gets major points from us!

What could be better than getting a puppy as a wedding gift?

This next animal on our list takes her Maid of Honor duties very seriously!

Make Way For The Cat of Honor

Photo Credit: HelloHazel / Pinterest

Here’s another great way to include your cat in your wedding ceremony. Animals are a human’s best friend, after all, so it only makes sense that they would be the one to stand by your side during your wedding day.

In this case, the bride had her cat made a very special bandana, which declares her to the be the “Cat of Honor.” We wonder if it was possible to get her to stand by the bride’s side or if she kept wondering off to lounge on her own? Cats may be great companions, but they’re not always great listeners!

Speaking of cats not being great listeners…

Cats Will Be Cats

Photo Credit: OneGreenPlanet / Pinterest

We don’t think there could be a better shot to sum up a cat’s existence than this one of her attempting to swat at her mom’s bridal bouquet. This is another beautiful shot to have in the wedding album and we love that it features the cat in her natural territory.

One job a cat probably wouldn’t be up for would be the flower girl. We can only imagine this kitty running frantically down the aisle confused about all the falling flower petals. It would be a hilarious sight for sure, but probably not the best for a wedding ceremony. At least they’ll have this photo!

This Pup Is The Cutest Ring Bearer

Photo Credit: Megan Kay Photography / Pinterest

This adorable Yorkie served as an honorary ring bearer, paving the way for his “mommy” down the aisle. He sits in a wagon, likely pulled by the ring bearer with a sign that reads “Here comes my Mommy.” How precious!

We bet there were plenty of “awws” coming from the wedding guests as he was pulled down the aisle. We are sure his mom was also so happy to see her little companion there to stand by her side on her wedding day. If you have a tiny dog, like this little Yorkie, we can’t think of a better way to include them in your wedding!

This Cat Wearing a Tuxedo Looks Purrfect

Photo Credit: Lee Willis / Pinterest

Does it get any better than a tabby cat wearing a literal tuxedo? Absolutely not! In this case, this adorable feline matches perfectly with the groom. Although, we think he might upstage the groom a little bit with his cuteness.

If you look closely, you can see that he’s lounging on his mom’s lap while she’s wearing her wedding dress which makes for one perfect “couple” photo. Although this little guy looks a little bit grumpy, we are pretty impressed that he has allowed himself to be dressed in such a manner! We wonder if he was the one to walk the bride down the aisle?

A Purrfect Way to Announce Your Wedding Date

Photo Credit: DanielleMakesCrafts / Pinterest

Another great way to involve your animal friend, be it a cat or dog, is to have them serve as your “Save the Date” model. A “save the date” is sent out to remind your friends and family members of the date of your wedding so they will be sure to attend.

In this photo, the couple’s cat wears a custom-made wooden plaque around its neck. The plaque also makes for some super cute wedding pictures.

The next couple wanted to spread the love to their guests’ pets too.

Dog Treats For Everyone

Photo Credit: Aida Rozada Garcia /Pinterest

This clever bride and groom decide to send each of their guests home with a little something special for their beloved fur companions. This couple actually made their wedding favors treat bags for their dogs!

They put a photo of their own dog on the front of the goodie bags. This is a great way to include your dogs in your wedding ceremony even if you aren’t actually able to have your dogs present at the ceremony. Also, this might be a great option if you have a lot of friends and family who are animal lovers.

Topped With Love

Photo Credit:LaurieValko / Pinterest

If you are a hardcore cat lover perhaps you would be interested in getting a custom made cake topper. This cake topper was fashioned after a couple’s actual cats and it’s clear that they are a huge part of their lives.

If you are getting married at a venue that doesn’t allow any kind of animal, this is a great option to still keep your beloved fur babies a part of your special day. Not to mention, check out the outstanding craftsmanship on the topper. The two precious kitties are also outfitted with bow ties and the couple’s wedding date is proudly displayed in front of the feline duo.

The Best Man

Photo Credit: M Z / Pinterest

If there could ever be a wedding photo that sums up a dog being “man’s best friend,” it’s definitely this one. This dog is lined up as his best friend’s literal best man. If someone was asked to define a best man, they would probably say something along the lines of someone that is always there for you through thick and thin. We think a dog companion definitely fits that bill.

Also, how adorable is this photo? The dog is also outfitted with a bow tie on his collar to make sure he meets the dapper dress requirements. Judging from his expression he also is taking the ceremony very seriously.

A Purrfect Save The Date Idea

Photo Credit: Cardsies / Pinterest

In this adorable photo, these cats created the most adorable save the date for their human parent’s. Somehow these kitty’s human counterparts managed to get all three of them to pose at the same time!

This is another great option if you want to have the memory of including your pets in your special day but are unable to actually have them at the ceremony. In this case, we can imagine that it might be quite difficult to have all three cats at your side at your wedding!

Dog’s First Dance

Photo Credit: Anne Reinhiller / Pinterest

This devoted dog mom took it one step further and even had her beloved companion serve as her first dance. This one might be complicated to actually pull off, but this dog looks like he’s into dancing with his mom. If anything, this definitely makes for one memorable moment.

It will be a beautiful memory to look back on to see a moment where you truly look like you’re dancing with your beloved dog companion. The dog also looks like he is dressed for the day with a bandana fitted around his neck. We bet there are more photos of this dog in the wedding album.

We Hope This Cutie Doesn’t Have Sharp Claws

Photo Credit: Jan Elizabeth Butler / Pinterest

This is another gorgeous bridal portrait that includes the family cat. Interestingly, the cat is playing in its mom’s gorgeous wedding gown. It’s kind of amazing that the cat isn’t ripping the gown to shreds because that seems like a total cat thing to do. We hope this cutie doesn’t have sharp claws!

However, if you can’t have your beloved animals at your actual ceremony, having portraits taken with them is a great way to include them on your special day. Also, by choosing the photos route you will have memories that will be able to last forever.

The Most Adorable Ring Bearer

Photo Credit: Jennifer Clever / Pinterest

Doesn’t this look like the best ring bearer of all time? If you have a particularly well-behaved dog friend, you might consider having him or her bring the rings down the aisle.

Of course, you also couldn’t possibly beat having your dog take your wedding rings down the aisle. We love this idea and we think that this is one of the best ways to involve your pet in the ceremony. Could the tiny basket holding the rings be any cuter? We think that this dog definitely looks like he’s man’s best friend.

A Moment To Remember

Photo Credit: The Mind Circle / Pinterest

In this touching portrait, a sweet cat and her mom are having a special moment. The photo also happens to be beautifully shot with light pouring in from the windows perfectly framed around its subjects. Also, the way the cat and the owner are looking at one another is absolutely precious.

Photos are always a safe bet to include your animal friends, especially when it comes to cats. Regardless, it’s truly a moving and beautiful way to include another four-legged member of the family. We bet this is one of the most cherished memories in the wedding album.

A Dapper Gentleman

Photo Credit: Offbeat Bride / Pinterest

This couple really went for it and decided to include their feline friend in their actual wedding. While the cat’s face looks as though he might be interested in pouncing, he seems to be staying in his mom’s arms like a good boy. Also, how adorable is his tiny bow tie?

Interestingly, the background looks like it might actually be a church setting. Apparently, the church was cool with a cat gallivanting around the grounds for a while. If you’re brave enough to risk an animal acting out, including an animal in your actual ceremony might be one of the coolest ways to honor your animal friends.

This Chihuahua Is Dressed To The Nines For Her Mom’s Wedding Day

Photo Credit: Rachael Fry Hamer / Pinterest

Here’s another beautiful little flower girl for the list. This tiny chihuahua is always at her mom’s side so what would make it any different on her wedding day? Of course, mom had to outfit her in the most gorgeous dress that she could find.

The dress is perfect for a wedding day diva, which many chihuahuas are known to be. It also looks as though it’s likely mom matched her tiny friend’s dress with her best friend’s dress to a tee. We bet all the wedding guests couldn’t stop talking about how adorable the matching duo was!

I Do Too

Photo Credit: Kristina Bramel / Pinterest

For lots of pet owners, their furry companion is their other half. So when they start seriously dating someone new, it’s important their pet likes their owner’s significant other.

Not only is this a creative way to include your pup on your wedding day, but it’s also the sweetest way to welcome your loved one to the family! From the look on this pup’s face, they couldn’t be happier that the family is growing!

Move over flower crowns, this yellow lab is stealing the show with her flower collar!

Out With the Flower Crowns and In With the Flower Collars!

Photo Credit: Exclusively Weddings / Pinterest

One of the most popular wedding trends in recent years is the flower crown. Rather than wearing a traditional veil, some brides are opting for stunning crowns made with real flowers. This adorable yellow lab decided she would get in on the trend!

While flower crowns may be beautiful, they aren’t exactly practical for a pup. But this bride was quick to improvise and had a floral collar made especially for her dog. Not only do the beautiful peach-colored roses complement her dog’s fur, but this is a great way to make an average-looking collar look occasion-ready!

He Thinks This Part Is for Him!

Photo Credit: Exclusively Weddings / Pinterest

One look a this adorable dog’s face and it’s clear that he thinks this huge party is just for him. Why else would everyone be dressed up and giving him extra belly rubs and treats? Don’t even get him started on this special collar his owner made him!

He thinks this is all for him, and his owners don’t mind — especially since he’s being such a good boy and posing for these photos! We wonder if he is well-behaved enough to have been invited to the after party?

This next dog might just upstage the bride and groom!

Do I Get To Kiss The Bride Too?

Photo Credit: Exclusively Weddings / Pinterest

Dogs have lots of special talents… Playing catch, being cute, and planting slobbery kisses on their owners’ faces are just a few of them! Unfortunately, “You may now kiss the bride” is meant for the groom, not the dog!

By the looks of it, we bet this cute pup is ready to chow down on all of the yummy food at her owners’ reception. We hope someone remembered to bring the dog treats — lots of them.

Make Room On the Dance Floor!

Photo Credit: Redheadilleana / Pinterest

Sometimes couples can only have their furry friend at their ceremony, but not this pup! He was able to be present at his owners’ reception too. He even made it out on the dance floor! We wonder if he got to break it down by himself or if Mom held him close all night?

This is a super cute (and fun) way to include your precious pup on your wedding day. Of course, not all wedding venues will allow animals to be present, but if you have the option to do so and your pet is well behaved, go for it! The memories are priceless.

Happily Ever After

Photo Credit: Amanda Balmain Photography / Pinterest

Happily ever after is the perfect way to sum up this sweet photo. Now this couple has a beautiful beautiful photo of them and their three adorable pups to look back on for years to come.

We’ve also got to give them credit for successfully wrangling not one, not two, but three dogs. It’s hard to get even the most well-behaved dogs to sit still for a photo, let alone three! Someone, they managed to get the perfect shot.

Smile For the Camera

Photo Credit: Exclusively Weddings / Pinterest

How cute are these dogs? Better yet, how well-behaved are these dogs? Getting one dog to look at the camera is hard enough, let alone two. Plus, it even looks like they’re smiling!

Obviously, there was a lot to smile about on this day since Mom and Dad were getting married after all these years. We bet these adorable pups were so happy to be included on the big day, even if it was just for a keepsake photo or two.

Dachshund lovers won’t want to miss this next photo!

This Dachshund Looks Dapper In His Bowtie

Photo Credit: Bridal Guide Magazine / Pinterest

Dachshunds are already one of the cutest specimens on Earth. But when you add a bright blue bowtie on a doxie? Ultimate cuteness.

Not only is this pup adorable, but we absolutely love how he’s posing. Sure, some people might stress that he’s standing on his mom’s wedding dress, but we think it goes to show how protective he is of his owner.

This Pup Has An Important Job

Photo Credit: Dawn Miklich / Pinterest

The ring bearer has one of the most important jobs at a wedding. After all, the ring bearer is responsible for transporting the ring down the aisle to the groom. While this job is typically reserved for a child, this bride and groom wanted their pup to do the honors. They even had a special backpack custom-made just for him.

By the looks of it, he’s doing a great job. Just look at the concentration and determination in his eyes!

This Pup Is Ready For His Owners’ Big Day

Photo Credit: April Reese / Pinterest

This portrait of this adorable collie is almost too cute for words. First of all, he’s wearing a dog-sized tuxedo that literally looks tailored to his small body. Second, that look on his face! Those eyes! That slight smile! He truly looks like he’s proud that his owners are finally saying “I do.”

One thing is for sure, this is definitely going to be a cherished photo for the couple to look back on for years to come.

This Portrait Is Paw-fect

Photo Credit: Fleurs Diverses / Pinterest

Every now and then a perfect photo opportunity presents itself…or should we say paw-fect opportunity? This bride’s dog is so special to her that she knew she wanted to include him on one of the happiest days of her life.

And from the looks of it, this photographer captured the love everyone was feeling on this special day!

This cute pup isn’t the only pet who smiled perfectly for the camera at Mom and Dad’s wedding!


Photo Credit: Southern Weddings Magazine / Pinterest

This is one of the cutest wedding photos of a dog we’ve ever seen! We love that the photographer chose to photograph this pup on his own (with the bridal party behind him of course) rather than snapping a shot of him simply in the background. It’s a sweet way for the couple to show just how much their furry friend means to them.

Best of all, we’re obsessed with this sweet doggo’s attire. He may not be wearing a full blazer, but his bowtie coupled with those adorable cufflinks are insanely cute.

And Then There Were Three

Photo Credit: Junebug Weddings / Pinterest

Sometimes, no matter how much the bride and groom want to have their furry friend at their wedding, it just isn’t possible. Lots of venues have a strict no-animals policy, and sometimes dogs don’t like big crowds. Luckily, this couple found an adorable way to include their pup on their big day.

Before they headed to their reception, they posed for this photograph on the front porch of their home with their pup — a simple way to create a treasured keepsake to look back on for years to come.

We Do!

Photo Credit: Junebug Weddings / Pinterest

Sometimes you love your pet so much that you can’t imagine your big day without by your side for the event. This couple felt that way about their adorable French Bulldog — so much so that they had him walk down the aisle alongside them and posed for the sweet photo after saying their vows.

Having your pet at your wedding makes for adorable photos, but watch out — they might just steal the show!

This Smiling Pup Almost Stole the Show

Photo Credit: Junebug Weddings / Pinterest

Having your pet at your side on wedding day makes for some of the most heart-warming photos around. But pet owners be warned — they might just steal the show! Take for example this pup, who sat by his owner’s side as she said “I do” to the groom.

If you look closely, he looks like he’s smiling the biggest smile imaginable. Now we’re not playing favorites here, but he’s definitely giving this lovely couple a run for their money.

They “Do” Too

Photo Credit: Michelle O’Neal / Pinterest

It looks like two couples are getting hitched today! Just kidding. These pups’ owners love them so much they knew they needed to incorporate them into their wedding day. Not only did their furry friends get to get in on the photos, but they got to wear their very own wedding dress and tux.

Between the adorably hilarious outfits and the expression on these pups’ faces, this is one paw-fect photo.

Ever wondered what a wedding would look like from a dog’s perspective? This next couple found out!

This Pup Filmed His Owners’ Wedding With a Go Pro

Photo Credit: Moonlight Bridal / Pinterest

Have you ever wondered what a wedding might look like from a dog’s perspective? This couple found out! Not only did this bride and groom have their precious pup walk down the aisle after them, but they had another creative idea. They strapped a Go Pro camera on his back and filmed their vows from his perspective!

This is such a cute and creative way to commemorate your love between you and your significant other, all while getting your furry friend involved too. We want to see the footage!

My Humans Are Getting Married

Photo Credit: Love4Wed / Pinterest

Although lots of these photos on our list are adorable, having your furry friend at your wedding isn’t always practical. If you want to find a special way to incorporate your pet on your big day, this is a great idea!

This couple had their precious pup wear a dapper bow tie and cufflinks during their engagement photos. To make things even cuter, they had a custom sign made for their dog to wear around his neck. The message? “My humans are getting married!”

The Bride’s Favorite Accessory

Photo Credit: Junebug Weddings / Pinterest

This bride wanted some creative photos snapped of her getting ready for her wedding. In addition to taking stunning photos of her dress and veil, the photographer also photographed her favorite accessory — and it’s not the shoes!

This is one of the most unique wedding day photos we’ve seen yet. The sleek black background and reflection of her glam shoes coupled with her pup’s adorable face make it worth 1,000 words.

This Wedding Day Was Full of Hugs and Pugs

Photo Credit: lovemydressblog/ Pinterest

The look on this pug’s face says it all. He’s so excited to be alongside Mom and Dad on their big day. We love this photo for lots of reasons. Not only is this pug absolutely adorable, but the shot itself is very creative.

We really love how the photographer managed to snap a candid photo of the bride and groom giving their fur baby lots of love!