These Dad Pranks Are Hilarious And Some Even Teach A Lesson

Dads are a crazy bunch. From dad jokes to some pretty crazy pranks, they are always willing to teach a lesson to their children or show off their childish sides with complete abandon.

A handful of dads have managed to go viral because of the pranks they have played on their children. Whether they’re pranking their kid’s date or attempting to scare the daylights out of their offspring, they always find interesting ways to engage.

Here’s a special group of dads who understand what it means to pull off an epic, silly, or just plain strange prank on their children.

This Dad Wore Short Shorts To Prove A Point

Scott Mackintosh will be the first dad to admit that he’s “a bit protective” of his four daughters and three sons. The Utah-based father went viral after he wrote a blog post about a prank he pulled on his daughter. During a family outing, he heard his wife telling his daughter to “put on longer shorts,” a request that was met with a resounding “no” from his daughter. Instead of getting involved in the argument, he decided to put on a pair of tiny shorts and go out with his family. After making a few trips to different locations he says his daughter “now dresses a little better.” This is something you can never unsee after you look at it.

This Dad Threw Christmas Presents Into The Fireplace – Or Did He?

Two little girls learned the hard way that talking back to dad isn’t going to win them any brownie points. A father went viral when he pretended to throw away his daughters’ Christmas presents after they refused to listen to him. Scott Boudin wrapped an empty box with Christmas paper and threw the box into the family’s fireplace, a move that didn’t sit well with his young daughters. Scott asked his daughter Cooper to grab a specific box he had left underneath the tree, he then asked his daughters why they never listen to him. “Cause we’re not like you,” his daughter Cooper replied with a good amount of sass. After he threw her present into the fire he explained that it was an empty box. We don’t know if they got the point but Dad definitely made a statement.

Is That Dad Or Michael Phelps

Justin Beadles has no shame. The father of 15-year-old son Jack decided it would be fun to prank his son on the last day of junior high. His super embarrassing prank started by putting on a Speedo, swimming cap, and wearing several medals around his neck. He then jumped out of the car and started screaming Jack’s name. His wife even got in on the prank, filming the entire scene as it unfolded. Luckily for Jack, the school was out for the summer so he wouldn’t have to face his friends the next day. When interviewed by a local TV crew Jack said his dad is a huge goofball and his friends love that his parents act so crazy for some spontaneous laughs.

A Blinker Fluid Prank

A dad in Chesterfield, Michigan went viral after he pranked his daughters on April Fool’s Fay. Rodney Herbert drove his two daughters to an Auto Zone and told them to go inside the store and purchase “blinker fluid” for the family car. Blinker fluid doesn’t exist but the fake coupon he made convinced his daughters to go on a shopping trip. As his daughters exited the store he broke out into laughter. The girls didn’t find his prank to be so funny, yelling: “We looked like idiots!” We salute this dad for so masterfully convincing his kids that such an item existed and then creating a coupon that looked too real to argue against.

This Dad Taught His Son A Lesson About Electricity

Admittedly, some dads have taken their love of pranks too far. This dad waited for his son to enter the room and then pretended he was being electrocuted by an open light socket. The look on his son’s father perfectly sums up what it’s like to be pranked by a master. At the same time, playing with electricity is something we learn not to do from a very young age. If anything, this dad was just reminding his son that the lessons he has taught him over the years are important. Dad pranks often go too far and this is a perfect example of taking a prank to the extreme.

The Worst NFL Present Ever

This little girl is a huge Chicago Bears fans and her dad knows it. He decided to prank his daughter by having a new Bears jersey delivered to their home. At first, she’s excited to open the package until she realized it contains a Green Bay Packers jersey! The little girl immediately throws the package at her dad and yells at him! After freaking out and crawling into her mom’s arms, her dad asks, “what’s wrong.” The only words she can get out of her little angry mouth are, “it sucks.” Dad promises to call the company that delivered the package to figure out what went wrong. As football fans we approve of this girl’s reaction.

Dad Gets Police Help To Prank His Daughter

A Pembroke Pines father pulled the ultimate prank on his daughter with help from the local police department. The prank began after the young girl’s dad received a call from the police department informing him that her wallet was found in the middle of University Drive. When Officer Michele Fanelli arrived with the wallet, the father went inside to get his daughter. In the video we hear him ask his daughter, “Is there something you need to tell me?” and she responds with a simple “No.” He proceeds to tell his daughter that a police officer is outside and wants to speak with her. After some grilling about her “after hour” partying the night before, she continues to sweat out a line of questioning, only to watch the officer and her father break into laughter.

Dad Convinces Daughter Their Car Is Going To Eat Her

This dad left his young daughter in their convertible and then proceeded to switch the vehicle from open roof to closed. As the roof starts to move he screams that the car is going to “eat you.” His young daughter, unaware of how a convertible roof works, starts to freak out and covers her own head to avoid the wrath of the family vehicle. This probably isn’t the nicest thing a parent could do to a child but her reaction shows how masterfully he pulled off the prank. Remember kids, a car can’t eat you like this, but we can’t vouch fore eating you in other ways.

Dad Pranks His Wife With Hilarious Haircut Saga


Bobby Wesson’s wife, Rayena, has become accustomed to her husband pulling pranks on their family. His most recent stunt, though, even threw her through a loop. Bobby, his wife, and their three-year-old son Deacon were about to have their family photos taken when he sent his wife a troubling text message. Bobby told Rayena that he tried to cut their son’s hair but lopped off too much. He then proceeded, through a series of text messages to show his progress as more hair was cut until both son and husband were bald. The dad prank got so out of hand that she threatened to leave work and drive home immediately. His prank was so masterfully executed that the family ended up with a story on The Today Show.

Dad Pranks Kid By Pretending To Cut Off His Finger

Not all dad pranks go as planned. This dad went through the trouble of acquiring a very real looking severed finger with the hopes of scaring his two preteen children. When the moment finally arrived his wife was there to film the scene. It turns out, pranking some kids is not as easy as others. As their dad screams out in pain his kids just look on with a dumbfounded stare. After examining the severed finger his daughter is asked what she thinks and responds that she wants a marshmallow, which she then proceeds to eat as if it was just any another day in their home.

A Fake Hand And A Toy Saw

We’ve seen dads fail at convincing their older children that they cut off their own finger. However, this dad was able to nearly scare the life out of his son. The young boy approaches his dad with a saw and pretends to cut off his hand. To the boy’s horror his father’s hand actually falls off and his dad screams out in pain. At first, the young man walks away slowly but then he realizes the gravity of the situation and totally freaks out. When the little boy realizes it was all a joke he looks at his dad with the most incredulous stare you will ever see on a small child. This was perfectly executed and the end result is actually pretty funny.

Daughter Thinks Chucky Killed Her Dad

This dad managed to convince his teenage daughter that the fictional Chucky character killed him on their front porch. Her dad starts the prank by covering the top of his head in fake blood and then laying down next to the doll on their front porch. When he bangs on the wall his daughter comes outside to investigate. We’re pretty sure she doesn’t think Chucky is real but when she sees her “dead” dad laying on the ground she has one of the most epic freakout moments you will find on YouTube. Her mom quickly comes out to investigate with a big smile on her face. Good job dad, we probably would have freaked out too.

Dad Recreates Daughter’s Sexy Selfies

An Eastern Washington father went viral after he trolled his own daughter for posting sexy selfies on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms “So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better,” he wrote on Instagram. He then proceeded to post pictures of himself shadowing his own daughter’s very actions. He matched her clothing, accessories, and even her tattoo. His daughter wasn’t mad about the prank, posting the photo you see on this page with a tweet that reads, “THIS IS MY FATHER.” At least everyone involved found this to be funny.

That’s One Creepy Refrigerator Full Of Food

We have discovered a lot of dad pranks that focus on scaring kids or teaching them a valuable lesson. We also found a few that are just plain silly. Just like a good dad joke, this prank is sure to creep out your kids and make them question your ability to pull off a good joke. This dad placed googly eyes on all of the products in the refrigerator. When their children opened up the fridge they were met with a funny and slightly creepy joke. We have a feeling their children probably questioned their parent’s sanity after seeing this prank in action. Sometimes the most subtle of jokes receive the best reception.

You Grew Overnight!

One dad found a fun way to make his kids think they rapidly grew overnight. This inventive father took a roll of toilet paper and shoved some of the product into the toes of his children’s shoes. When his kids woke up the next morning he convinced them that they no longer fit into their apparel because they suddenly grew very quickly in their sleep. The soft texture of the toilet paper led them to believe their dad was right! Try out this dad prank on your kids and you’ll have them believe they’re rapidly growing. We have a feeling this dad has a bit too much time on his hands.

There’s A Monster Under Our Bed!

We don’t particularly care for stories of parents freaking out their small children. However, we took exception with this prank for the cutest reason. After mom and dad placed a noise machine under their child’s bed, they left the room and waited for a reaction. Their young daughter freaks out when she hears the noise but her brother comes to her rescue, ensuring here there is no such thing as monsters. At first, both children are scared but when the video comes to a close they are both happy and having a good laugh at the inventive prank their parents just pulled on them. Here’s to hoping they are not scarred for life!

There’s $10 For You In My Desk

The best dad pranks are the ones that combine a really bad dad joke with a prank. When this kid asked their dad for $10 for gas he replied, “sure it’s in the top left drawer of my desk.” We don’t know if their dad gave them the $10 dollars are they went on a wild goose chase but this dad gets bonus points for originality. We also question if their dad created this prank and then sat back and waited for just the right time to play this particular joke on their child. It’s always great to see a parent having fun with their kids because you can’t always take life too seriously or it will drive you crazy. Good job dad!

He Pranked Grandpa And Then Grandpa Got Even

This guy thought it would be a great idea to prank his grandpa when they were on vacation. The original photo poked fun at the sleeping old guy. Then, the grandson made the mistake of falling asleep later in the day. His grandpa quickly jumped into action and returned the favor. This is a great reminder that dads might grow older and their kids might have children but they’re never too old for a prank of their very own. It’s great to see several generations of pranks happening under the same roof, especially pranks as light-hearted as this one. Now they just need to join forces and prank the young man’s dad.

This Dad Pranked His Daughter’s Boyfriend

If you’re going to show up at your girlfriend’s house wearing a t-shirt that says “big sexy” and her dad is bigger than you, a prank is definitely warranted. This dad decided to prank his daughter’s boyfriend by wearing a homemade t-shirt that reads, “bigger sexy.” Looking at the photo it’s pretty apparent that the girl’s boyfriend is attempting to sit up straight and stick out his chest in response to the prank. When it comes to their little girl, dads will always show their boyfriend who the boss is. At least they are sitting next to each other which shows the prank was just a bit of light-hearted fun.

A Clever Photoshopping Dad

When his daughter left for college this dad put his Photoshop skills to work. He sent her a photo in which he claimed the family dog had officially taken over her room. If this wasn’t done digitally we would have to say their family dog is the most loved four-legged friend in the world. Dad pranks come in a lot of shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common. These dads are taking time out of their dad to show off their light-hearted side to their kids and that’s a big win for everyone involved in the prank process.

Daddy Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Although this prank may be a little dark, you have to give this dad some serious credit for the effort that must have gone into this joke. Hopefully, he hunted this deer instead of actually hitting the deer with his car. If he hit it with his car, this means he dragged the carcass and put it in the front seat of his car, probably creating a mess all over the vehicle. But hey, anything for a good prank. Serious kudos for really going the extra mile on this one. The question is, who took the picture? We doubt it was his wife.

Fade Me Up, Dad

This poor little guy just wanted to get a quick haircut from his dad with his favorite team logo on the side like the rest of his friends. Apparently, his dad didn’t think that trend was very cool and decided to add a little artwork of his own. Maybe a little too far, but still pretty funny. if you’re going to have a design shaved into the side of your head, it might as be the work of your dad so you’re constantly reminded of how much he loves you. It’s still a pretty cool design if you ask us.

Try And Pop This Balloon

This dad got his son good on this one. Little boys are young and pretty naive so it wasn’t hard for him to initiate this little prank. He secretly filled a balloon up with whipped cream, taped a pin to his son’s hat, and asked him to try and pop the balloon. Of course, without hesitation, the little boy was trying to pop it before his father was even ready. Once he finally did, all of the whipped cream came down onto the little boys head. the little boy took it like a champ and laughed it off. His little brother even got on his hands and knees to lick it up off the floor.


On Christmas Eve, this dad thought he would pull a little harmless prank on his two adorable children as possible a test to see how grateful they really were. he announced that he was going to let them each open once present since Christmas was the next day. he handed them each a gift and when they opened them it was an onion and a banana. Expecting them to probably meltdown and start to cry, the exact opposite happened. The children couldn’t have been more estatic about the gifts that they received and were jumping with joy. Good job on parenting dad.

Rude Awakening

This little boy was sleeping peacefully on the chair, assuming that no harm would come to him. He was wrong. His dad saw how vulnerable he looked and grabbed the video camera in order to document what was about to go down. He made sure that his son was totally asleep and then proceeded to yell in his face waking the boy up like he’d just been electrocuted. Once he had settled down he put his face back on this chair like in the picture, clearly thinking about how awful that just was and that he probably can never trust his father again.

Psycho Part 2

Okay, so there’s a lot that went into his prank because it has multiple parts. This screaming boy’s dad initiates this prank by slowly walking into the bathroom wearing a horrifying mask and carrying what looks like a cup of cold water. As his son is singing his heart out in the shower, his dad hurls the cup of water over the shower door splashing his son with cold water. His son screams at the dad and slides open the glass door to see the mask right in his face. He then lets out a high-pitched screams, slips and falls into the tub. The icing on the cake is that his dad posted it on YouTube.

Where Did It Go?

This little girl was just trying to enjoy a nice and tasty afternoon snack until the unthinkable happened. Her dad gave her a little cake inside of a plastic cup which she then puts on the table. She looks away for one second, and her father shoves the entire thing into his mouth and eats it before she turns back around. When she sees the empty plate she begins looking everywhere for her snack in complete confusion. She can’t believe what has happened and goes to get another snack. The dad then does it again and the little girl catches him red-handed and tells on her dad to her mother.

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas, it looks like this dad wanted to teach his kids a little something about humility and appreciation. We can guess that in the upcoming months his kids were beginning to become entitled and unappreciative of what they have. So, their dad wanted to show them just how much he actually does for him. Instead of getting them the Christmas gifts they wanted, he wrapped up everything in their room that he has bought for them to prove the point that he has given them everything that they own. Not only is this a funny break but a good lesson. We’re also sure he still got the kids gifts.

Some Things Never Change

It’s instinct to draw on your sleeping daughter’s face while she’s sleeping, right? Well apparently for this dad it is. She must have been in a pretty deep sleep for him to pull this whole thing off. From what we usually see, this kind of prank goes down on college kids that have had one too many. Maybe that’s where her dad learned this trick? Hmmm. What makes this even funnier is that he kisses her to wake her up and she finds out. Together they move on to her little brother and mark him up as well. Family bonding at its best.

That is Your Sister

Some parents really like to push the envelope when it comes to pranking their kids and this one might have taken things a little too far. As this family was headed out for an outing, they told their son that his baby sister was already in the car waiting. So he climbed into the car and was sitting next to this monstrosity. He began to scream and cry and asked where she really was they responded by saying that is his baby sister. Maybe this is something they can all laugh at while at Thanksgiving dinner after the little boy has undergone enough therapy. A pretty sinister prank.

The Short Bandits Are Back At It

If this isn’t what it means to be a dedicated father then we don’t know what is. Publicly humiliating yourself as a way of proving a point to your daughter by wearing short shorts in public is really taking things to another level. We wonder if this dad and the dad we’ve already seen are in on this lesson together and decided to take both of their daughters out while wearing their shorts. It’s funny because these shorts used to be stylish for men only a couple decades ago, but now they are a daughters worst nightmare. Count your blessings, little girl.

This Is Genius

If you haven’t seen the movie Tron it’s about a hacker that manages to get stuck inside of a computer and has to travel through cyberspace in order to get back reality. When this dads daughter said she had a nightmare that he got stuck in a computer after watching Tron, he knew exactly what to do. So he did what any normal dad would do and edited a picture of him looking like he was stuck in the computer onto every computer screen in the house. This is a five-star prank, my friend, nicely done. Other fathers should look up to you for your pranking abilities.

Don’t Flush Me!

There must be there few things more horrifying than opening up your toilet to take care of business only to see a blown up picture of your father looking right at you. Most of us my slam the seat the other way, and others might just continue on doing their business. Yet, there’s no denying that this is quality work right here. The picture doesn’t seem very pixilated and the picture is positioned perfectly inside of the toile. All we hope is that the dad washed his hands after finishing the job and that he did it to his wife too.

Chainsaw Alarm Clock

This prank looks exactly what you think it is. These two brothers were sleeping quietly in the same bed under the covers when their dad thought it would be a good idea to scare the wits out of them with a chainsaw. Even the mom got in on the action and filmed the whole ordeal. As soon as the chainsaw starts, the boys jump out from under the covers and one of them even ends up falling off the back of the bed. We’re not sure what gave these parents the idea for this prank, but we think that it might have something to do with one or two too many glasses of wine during HBO movie night.

Guess Which Room Is The Kids?


If your dad has to face the arduous, and the downright terrible task of painting the house, the least he can do is have a little fun with it.By the looks of the house, he’s at the finish line. All he needs to do is paint one more section and then he can sit back, drink a beer, and admire his work. But not this dad, he’d rather take the time to let his kids know what he thinks about them for not helping him paint the house. This is certainly one way to do it.

Help Me!

As if dads don’t already give their kids enough grief when they’re learning how to drive, this dad stepped it up a notch. instead of just telling people how scared he is driving with his daughter, he took this picture and shared it on his Facebook. Now the whole world knows what this poor man is going through and he managed to embarrass his daughter in the process. Of course, when teens start driving they think they already know everything, so this is going to take a hit on her driving ego. She’s definitely not going to be happy when she finds out.

Remeber To Take Your Bath!

This dad had a hard time getting his kids to take a bath. So, he used to tell them that if they didn’t take a bath that they would turn into a mushroom. In order to prove it, he put in random pictures of mushrooms throughout their childhood photo album and told them it was their other brother but he never took a bath. This is really doing the most, but we’re sure that this would be very convincing to any little kid and would sprint to the bath after seeing this. We also hope he left the mushrooms in there forever.

Even Celebrities Get Pranked

This photo is living proof that no child is safe when their dad is around. This is a picture of Marilyn Manson taken at a photo shoot. However, it wasn’t just any old photo shoot this time. Manson’s dad surprised him by showing up dressed up like Manson as a way to make fun of him in front of all his friends. Manson didn’t take it hard but you can tell by the picture how embarrassed he is. Even Marilyn Manson gets pranked by his dad! Who even thought that he had one?

Can Never Be Too Safe

This would be sure to annoy any beginner driver. As if you aren’t yelled at enough for watching you speed already this ought to do the trick. If this dad managed to tape these little reminders behind the actual plastic then this would really be an effective tool unless their kid is looking to get a ticket. This is one of those pranks that is funny but also about teaching a lesson. if your dad is willing to go through all of this effort just to make a point, you should probably listen to him.

Don’t Go Into The Pantry


Leave it to a retired cop to pull the ultimate prank on his daughter. Kevin Carswell secretly brought home a mounted raccoon and wanted to do something fun with it. He rumpled up a chip bag and put it on the floor to make it look like an animal had been in the house. Then he hid it in the pantry and asked his daughter to grab him something in there for him. Once she noticed it, she totally freaked, yelling “There’s an animal in the pantry!”