These Grateful NBA Stars Give Back To Their Communities

Professional basketball is one of the most generous sports. Players even get praised for making an extra pass. But just as these players give a helping hand during a game, they know how to assist off the court as well. NBA stars of past and present have been known to be some of the most giving players out there, and the league gets involved too. Teams sponsor different Heritage Nights to honor the cultures of its players and to get fans more involved. The league also operates NBA Cares, a global outreach and social responsibility program. In addition, many individual players make an effort to give back in a huge way. Read for yourself who some of the most generous players in the NBA are. You won’t believe how far some of these players go to help out.

Steph Curry Goes Overseas

Steph_Curry giving back.jpg

“As a father, there are very few things in this world that compare to the feeling of not being able to protect your children,” Steph Curry wrote on his Instagram. “A few years ago I took a trip with @nothingbutnetsofficial to Tanzania and witnessed devastating effects of malaria.”

This visit to Africa prompted Curry to partner with the United Nations so he could provide malaria nets to people over there. He probably can’t protect them all but the work he’s done is a great start for the two-time MVP of the Golden State Warriors. And to add a cherry on top, in March of 2017, he also donated 20,000 pairs of shoes to kids in the Republic of Congo. That’s a lot of “sole.”