These Kids Were Photoshopped Into Some Amazing Situations

When it comes to taking photos of a child there is a pretty standard process that is followed. A photographer can spend hours attempting to keep the kids happy while snapping traditionally posed photos. These parents wanted to accomplish something more memorable and they turned to their Adobe Photoshopping skills to get the job done. From scary life-threatening situations to silly photos that are beyond belief, these kids have been photoshopped with expert precision and the results are amazing.

A Babysitter And A Shark

When Hannes Sigrist and his wife, Erica were asked to babysit overnight for a friend they decided to go on an adventure with the small child. Instead of a regular walk around the park, they apparently took a perilous journey that included a Great White Puddle Shark. Other photos in this series include a T-Rex and other dangerous animals that could devour them in a second. We loved this photo the most because the baby appears to be looking right at the dangerous Great White Shark without a care in the world. This babysitter definitely went above and beyond.