These Kids Were Photoshopped Into Some Amazing Situations

When it comes to taking photos of a child there is a pretty standard process that is followed. A photographer can spend hours attempting to keep the kids happy while snapping traditionally posed photos. These parents wanted to accomplish something more memorable and they turned to their Adobe Photoshopping skills to get the job done. From scary life-threatening situations to silly photos that are beyond belief, these kids have been photoshopped with expert precision and the results are amazing.

A Babysitter And A Shark

When Hannes Sigrist and his wife, Erica were asked to babysit overnight for a friend they decided to go on an adventure with the small child. Instead of a regular walk around the park, they apparently took a perilous journey that included a Great White Puddle Shark. Other photos in this series include a T-Rex and other dangerous animals that could devour them in a second. We loved this photo the most because the baby appears to be looking right at the dangerous Great White Shark without a care in the world. This babysitter definitely went above and beyond.

A Daredevil Baby

When Matt Coyne’s wife, Lyns, headed back to work after having their baby, Charlie, the proud papa decided to start sharing Facebook photos of their baby. His goal, at first, was to keep everyone, including his wife, updated on the daily adventures he was sharing with his son. After a lot of boring shopping and watching TV photos, this photoshop expert decided to have some fun with his kid. We’re pretty sure babies are not supposed to go skydiving but Matt made an exception in this photo he shared of a recent adventure with Charlie.

An IT Director With A Sense Of Humor

Swiss IT Director John Wilhelm has gone viral on many occasions thanks to his ability to photoshop his adorable daughter into some really amazing works of fantasy. His quirky fairytale imagination has gone over really well with parents and art fans who love his ability to place his daughter in surreal circumstances. Her wide-eyed facial expressions definitely add a nice touch to every one of her dad’s amazing photoshopped creations. Here it appears that she’s taken on the abilities of a beaver, and is gnawing down a tree in the forest.

That’s One Super Strong Baby

Andreas Miezans of Norway is a photoshopping expert and the dad to a young son. Miezans spends his days taking care of his little boy and that led to some fun with photoshop. He photoshops little Oscar into some pretty precarious situations. In one of our favorite, Oscar balances his dad on his feet and hands, playing off the classic “airplane” ride that usually has a little child riding on the hands and feet of their parents. His masterful work would have us questioning this baby’s incredible strength if we didn’t know it was photoshopped.

A Baby And A Balancing Act

If a child was photographed balancing on a toy like this in real life, Child Protective Services would be called and the child would be taken away. Thankfully, this was the work of photoshop expert Brandon Hill. This talented dad has mastered the art of placing his child in precarious situations with the help of his digital editing skills. Hill runs a popular Instagram account where fans of his work get to marvel daily at his baby’s amazing, but fake, stunts. The final joke may be on dad, he could have a little climber on his hands in a few short years.

The Dangerous Antics Of A Baby

Social media has been inundated with pictures of babies ever since social networks first launched. Most of those photos are adorable but they also tend to be all the same. Dublin-based dad Stephen Crowley also wanted to show off his baby, but he wanted her to be placed in situations most baby photos would never dare to go. Hannah, his young daughter, has been photoshopped into various dangerous places, giving his Instagram followers panic attacks along the way. It’s all fake but his work is impeccable.

The World’s Best Father

Dave Engledow is known online as “The World’s Best Father.” He first went viral when he photoshopped his daughter getting her diaper changed with hilarious results. More images of his antics surfaced on social media and he was soon featured on Buzzfeed. His creations also led to a deal with Gotham Books. His dark comic sensibility has been compared to a modern-day Norman Rockwell. Be sure to check out his work in the book “Confessions of the World’s Best Father” and you’ll be laughing for hours.

Cheering Up Grandma One Photo At A Time

Jason Lee works as a professional photographer in the Bay Area and he has a knack for photoshop. He recently started placing his two daughters in some really funny situations in order to cheer up his sick mother. She was fighting cancer and wasn’t able to spend any time with her germ-ridden grandchildren. Instead, Lee started to place his kids in some really crazy but creative situations. We grabbed one of his best photos which features his older daughter blasting her sister off with help from a rocket. What a great present for grandma!

This Dad Photoshopped His Incredibly Happy Baby

This Photoshop-savvy father realized his baby was super happy all the time, if only we could all be so lucky. He decided to show off their smile by photoshopping them into some amazing backgrounds. From Irish Dancing to flying like a superhero, this adorable little baby seems to be having the time of their life. Photoshopping skills are becoming more prevalent in the digital age and that means we get to see a lot more baby and small child photos like this one. We have to admit that this dad might be right, they really do have the happiest little bundle of joy on the planet.

The Perfect Head Of Hair

When this baby’s photo hit the internet people couldn’t believe they had already developed one of the most epic head’s of hair they had ever seen. Immediately, photoshop experts jumped at the chance to place the young child’s hair on the faces of actors who also sport a similar look. Whether you’re a fan of Mark Wahlberg or Hugh Jackman, you’ll love how perfectly this baby’s set of hair fits on these celebrities. The original photoshop stories went viral and made this baby internet famous!

His Son Can Fly…

A Utah dad created some adorable photos of his “flying” kid to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. The young boy, soaring through the air, went viral and captured the attention of The Today Show which featured the dad’s awesome work on the popular morning talk show. Alan Lawrence said the project is a way for him to prove to the world that even kids with Down syndrome, like his son William, can live lives full of wonder and “magic.” The beautiful photos really are some of the best child-based photoshopping we have seen on the internet.

This Baby Is A Movie Star — Sort Of

Redditor baronvongrant started off with a single photo of his adorable baby daughter and then decided to up his parent-sharing game. He has placed his cute little daughter into scenes from Star Wars, The Matrix, Iron Man, Harry Potter, and many others. His daughter quickly became a favorite on Reddit and her photos now appear all over the social network, Imgur, Facebook, and various other websites. She’s fighting the good fight and looking adorable at the same time — what more could we ask for.

Hanging On For A Photo Shoot

Emil Nystrom, an advertising and portrait photographer from Sweden, wanted to have some fun with her daughter, Singhild. Working in a creative job meant she already had the skills necessary to photoshop her daughter, she just had to figure out her angle. Like many photoshopping parents, she chose to place her child in danger. Her baby hangs from shelves, fixes car engines, and even holds onto a Samurai sword while hovering in mid-air. Sure most of the scenarios are impossibly ridiculous but some followers actually believe they are real.

Another Dangerous Baby Photoshop

Stephen Crowley made our list two times because his photoshopping skills are expert-level and he found a really inventive way to showcase his 18-month-old daughter on a daily basis. From driving the family car to precariously hanging from a banister, this little girl is an adventure seeker like no other. Crowley has made a name for himself because of his creative take on parenting and his ability to really scare new followers who don’t realize, at first, that his daughter was photoshopped and not really risking her life.

Dad Photoshops His Daughters In The Best Way

Jason Lee made our list twice because he didn’t want to share the same type of tired posts that other parents were showing off on Facebook. Rather than posting his daughters against a set of trees in the fall or having them stand still for any other type of professional photo shoot, he decided to have some fun. In this photo, his daughters are drinking straight from a Krups espresso machine. He started taking photos of his daughters back in 2006 and has gone viral many times because of his amazing work.

A Dangerous Situation

John Wilhelm appears a few times on our list because his daughters are constantly placed in very dangerous, but digital, situations. With his kids in tow, he takes photos and places them up against some scary odds. This time, he placed his daughter between some very hungry looking Alligators. Not only is John a master of Photoshop, he also takes some brilliant photos that really highlight his eye as a photographer. His daughter definitely adds to each of his photos by providing the perfect look on her face for every photo.

A Dad Brings His Kids’ Fantasies To Life

John Wilhelm is one of our all time favorites, which explains why he made our list not once or twice but three times. Not only does he place his children in precarious situations, he also takes their quirky fantasies and brings them to live. Just look at his adorable three children as they take a bath and are visited by a pelican. His photos have been viewed hundreds of millions of times and have been covered by mainstream media. We’re not sure how his children feel about his work but they seem to be having a ton of fun in this photo.

A Practical Joke On Mom

This dad loves to play practical jokes on his wife and this joke went way too far. The day before family photos were scheduled to be taken, this dad sent his wife a text message and said there was a haircut accident at home. He was attempting to trim his son’s hair when he accidentally took a little too much off the top. His further attempts to fix his mistake led to more hair being cut. Feeling bad about the situation he continued to cut his own hair for a matching look. Fortunately, it was all a photoshop joke that went too far.

Father Son Face Swap

Most face swaps are downright creepy, but this one lands more on the creative and funny side. This father decided to take a photo of himself holding up his son, face swap the two of them, and the result is amazing. There’s no doubt that later in life when his son is old enough to appreciate the humor, he’ll love having this hilarious photo of himself as a baby holding up his father. We wished half the auto face swaps from phone apps turned out this impressive!

15 On 11

Gone are the days of having to get out and pump the gas for the car if you’re an adult. Babies are now willing and able to get up and do it on their own. Just look at this little fella’. He is up and at em’ even posing slightly for the photo opportunity. Andreas Miezans Photoshopped this one quite well if we don’t say so ourselves. He has made the list earlier on but he returns to a classic baby pump action. Imagine if this were real, parents would love if they could ask their baby to pump the gas.

Time For A Magic Show

This dad is already plenty cool, now he takes it to the next level. When this baby grows up, he is going to thank his dad for making his young life seem so fun. Even if it is photoshopped, just looking back at pictures like this can warm your heart because it shows that you had a father who really wanted to make your life great. The photoshop is so real that it looks like the baby is really enjoying the magic show! What did he tell his baby to focus on while the picture was taken?

There Goes Your Finger!

Sometimes the parents kid around and take the nose from their kid. The kid starts busting into laughter as the parent uses his thumb as the fake nose. Well, this time, the tables have turned and the kid seems to have chopped off the parent’s thumb. The Photoshop job on this one is amazing. If you look at the plate, you see the bloodied finger and the baby is holding the instrument of destruction in both of his hands. And the face of the dad is priceless. It perfectly fits this “what if” situation that’s going on.

Make Sure You Go Head First

That’s how you’re supposed to do it. When your friends are doing something dumb, you cheer them on with a beer in your hand. Only this time, the friend is your baby and the thing that’s stupid can kill him. Another great Photoshop job here as we are witnessing a baby about to crush its skull in the small pool. The baby almost looks like he is in a scene for a spy movie as he rappels down the side of the fence. The way the dad is cheering is almost too realistic. You would think he wants his baby to really try this.

Pitch In, Will Ya’?

Would you let your kid help you with the cookout? Maybe once they become a teenager but not when they are young and ripe. That’s what makes this one so good. To see a child who probably can’t walk yet sitting on a wooden railing with a hot dog on his fork is priceless. Not to mention the fact that there is a fierce fire below his feet but it is no big deal for this supreme baby who can handle anything. This Andreas guy really is creative when it comes to things like this.

Rooftop Ride Looks Too Real At First Glance

This one looks so good it is like he is really on top of the roof enjoying the ride. His little feet are dangling in the air to put the cherry on top. “I wanted to try something different to put a smile on Oscar’s face when he looks back at them,” Andreas said. Well, he will certainly have a smile on his face once he’s old enough to realize how cool these pictures are. This is certainly a great time capsule gift that Andreas has going on for Oscar.

Up Up and Away!

A trip to the park with your son should cost you little to nothing. Feeding your son while at the park shouldn’t cost you that much either. Launching your son into the air while on a see-saw, priceless. Not like any parent should let this happen, but if one did and they had someone prepared to catch the baby? Do you think the baby would be laughing while in the air or would they become smart and realize that their life is in danger? Whatever you conclude from that question shouldn’t make you go out and want to try it.

It’s Time For The Kid To Earn His Stay

Once again, the kid is doing the work that someone older should be doing and Andreas loves it. If only this were real. If only young kids were able to do chores like this. It would make life that much more enjoyable but you would also have to worry more about their safety. That means you would have to teach them that much better to avoid mistakes and injuries. Nevertheless, this one could pass as not a Photoshop image at all. Just a well-timed photograph. Would you have the courage to let your young child stand next to a lawnmower like this for a picture?

Zombie Walker Baby Thing…

Perhaps this young child is a fan of Walking Dead? That would have to be the only logical explanation as to why a child is recreated as a bloodied up human. Or perhaps the parent is too much into the show and wanted to take out the fanboy in them on the child. Whatever the case, either this child is going to love this image or hate it in the future. Revealing this photo to the child would be a hard case for anyone because you do not know the expectation you are going to receive.

Rockstar Baby In The Flesh

This baby is ready for the show! The crowd is in for a treat when this baby comes on stage, tongue out equipped with the glasses to match the paint on the face. How much cooler would this be if the kid grew up and was really into the band? That would make this Photoshop one of the best of all time. We’re not too sure if the mother approved of this image or if the father asked for permission but it just makes it that much better of an image to look at.

Today, We fight!

Oh you know, just a regular photograph of a clip from a movie. Nothing to see here, except that baby with a spear and shield in his hand! The child even looks like the leader of the pack by his placement in the field. He has the battle cry down as well to follow suit of everyone else who is about to risk their lives. Even the black and white adds a bit of dramatic touch to the picture. This baby will for sure love this when he or she is grown up and gets to appreciate it.

You’re A Wizard, Baby

The power now within you comes with great responsibility, baby. This is an awesome picture. The child looks enamored and the background matches the scene perfectly. A long staff and wizard hat looks to be the perfect combination for a baby Photoshop. It looks like the baby was meant for this moment and is just taking it all in. Most likely the child is looking up to the photographer who is holding up something that interests the child. Parents, we give you full permission to recreate a photoshoot with your child like this one so get started!

Just Showing Them Around The Farm

the love a baby has for an alpaca is unmatched. The two were made for each other and it couldn’t be more clear to see. The alpaca looks to be protective of the young one too so if things look like they could be going south, chances are the alpaca will do whatever in its power to ensure the safety of this precious child. On a serious note, this is a good Photoshop and probably one of the better ones on this list. Always remember that animals mixed with a baby are always an adorable sight to look at.

All Aboard The Baby Train

Thomas the Train never looked so cool! He also never looked so childish. This is one of the cutest Photoshop jobs on the list. It even is done pretty well so bonus points for that. If you show the child this photograph then show the real image, chances are the baby might get confused. Or perhaps he or she won’t notice but it would still be fun to check for a reaction. We can’t tell if this particular baby in the image is screaming or yawning. Any guesses out there from anyone.

“I’m Going To Need Everyone To Put Their Bottles In The Air!”

DJ Baby Boo on the Ones and Twos! All the babies need to get up out their seats and make the dance floor come alive! The bar closes at 11 so you have to be sure to get your fix on that formula milk! That might be something that a DJ baby would say if they could really talk. Check the detail on the Photoshop. You can see the tattoo that the baby has on the left forearm and you can also see the intense crowd in the background. You go, baby.

The Baby That Ate Everything

You’re in the delivery room and the baby is about to come out. You are as excited as you ever been but also nervous at the same time. The moment has arrived and your new child is coming out. You see the hair and out of nowhere his mouth looks like something from a sci-fi film! You panic at first but then you start to embrace it. Your new little man is capable of out eating the family dog so now, you have no more leftovers. This is what he looks like at eight months.

The Baby Beard Looks Nice

Sure, many of us have seen The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttons but we have not seen it in real life. Had this been a real picture then we would have all been able to experience the coolness of this baby beard. Others might have been a little concerned if they saw this in real life while others would be all for it. The possibility to have your newborn son to grow a beard is a something some men might really want. But what do we know? Matching beards with your young son could be a great thing.

Houston.. We Have A Problem

Sending your baby to space is something you probably don’t ever want to do. Even if they paid you to do so, you shouldn’t even consider it. That doesn’t mean you can’t Photoshop them into the great mystery that is space. They’ll look back at it and show their friends that they were a baby, they were in orbit just relaxing like a boss. However, the only flaw is that she may have a helmet, she does not have a suit so her body wouldn’t survive. No problem, just get back on Photoshop!

If Unicorns Were Real…

This just might be every young girl’s wildest fantasy. To ride on a unicorn in a pink sky and the unicorn happens to be pink as well. What young girl do you know that doesn’t like pink or unicorns. It’s rare that you get one of those but hardly ever do you come across a young girl who doesn’t like both! When she grows up and look back at this, her day will be made and it will probably be posted on social media as a throwback Thursday picture and for good reason.

One For The Books

Earlier, we showcased a baby strapped up to his father as they sky dived. Now we have a sole baby boy falling through the sky with his little parachute and goggles. An adorable sight but also one that would give the grandmother a slight heart attack because she may jump to the conclusion that this indeed real and not Photoshopped. The baby looks like she is really enjoying the experience too. The real photograph is probably the baby on her belly laying on the bed. Good job with editing this one, whoever did it.

A Child And A Coyote

It’s not just dad’s who are dominating the child and baby photoshop space. This mom played a prank on her husband by bringing a coyote into their home. After photoshopping the animal next to her child, she sent a text message to her husband to show off the “stray dog” they found outside. As expected, her husband freaked out and warned his wife that she had found a “wild animal” and needed to remove it immediately. His wife continues to insist it was a scared and lonely dog that needed a good family to watch after it.