Amazing Maternity And Glamour Photo Shoots With Dogs

The maternity photo shoot is nothing new. Millions of women all over the world go in front of the camera to show off their baby bump. A select group of photographers has turned the maternity photo shoot on its head. They’ve done this by placing pregnant animals in front of the camera. The final results are adorable, glamorous, and completely unique. We didn’t just capture pregnant pups, we also went after the “doggy glamor” market which is surprisingly well established and adorable in its own right.

The Maternity Shoot That Rocked The Internet

The superstar of the doggy maternity photo shoot world is none other than Lilica. This adorable puppy mom-to-be was photographed by Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo. The pregnant dog proudly displayed her baby bump for the entire world to see and she quickly went viral. The photo shoot only took 20 minutes to complete and the very next day Lilica gave birth to five healthy and happy baby puppies. Her puppies may have eventually found new forever homes but this lucky mom will also have these photos to remind her of the pregnancy.