These New Dog Cross-Breeds Don’t Look Real, But Are

In the past 30 years, hybrid dogs have risen in popularity. These designer dogs are born from two different purebreds through controlled cross-breeding. As a result, animal-lovers get to pet dogs they didn’t know were possible. How else can you cuddle a dog who looks like a wolf? Or hold a living cotton ball? There are hundreds of mixed dog breeds, but these are the most recent and surprising additions to the family. And believe us; they’re all good boys.

Gollie–It’s A Gollie!

Gollies inherit their cuteness from some of the most affectionate dog breeds: the Golden Retriever and the Collie. This lively, energetic designer breed came into the public eye within the last 20 years. Gollies are always fun–if you can keep an eye on them!

Buddy the Gollie, part Golden Retriever and part Collie

Beware: Gollies may “attack” strangers with many licks and nuzzles. Although they can act aloof at first, they make great companions for active families. Like their parents, they’re heavy shedders.