These Overly Curious Kitties Will Have You Shaking Your Head

They say that curiosity killed the cat. Fortunately for these cats, they let their curiosity get the best of them but lived to tell the tale. What is it about cats that they continually find themselves in some really dumb situations? Just wait until you see the cat who discovered what a bee was!

An Issue A Tissue Couldn’t Fix

Photo Credit: something_something1/Reddit

Imagine hearing the distant cries of your cat, only to find him in this situation. That’s exactly what happened to the owners of this cat. You can’t even begin to guess how long this poor guy was sitting there, waiting for someone to take him out of the darkness.

Feeling A Little Snacky

It looks like this cat had a hankering for a salty snack. Instead of knocking the whole jar over as other cats would do, this cat went ahead and fell inside of the jar himself. He knows he screwed up that plan but at least he managed to get his little paws on the pretzels!

The Not-So-Pawesome Mistake

This poor kitty now knows the dangers of playing with a bumble bee! We’re sure she knows better now, but unfortunately, she has to deal with the consequences for a little while longer. At least she can make the most of her situation by scaring all the other cats on the block with her enlarged paw.

His True Colors

This cat looks a little too proud to admit that he messed up big time. The all-white feline has a bit of explaining to do to his owner, but it’s clear he got a little too curious about the chalk drawings on the sidewalk. We hope he knows this means a bath is in order.

Just Toying Around

Slinkies are all fun and games until someone gets tangled up in one. This kitten has done just that and is probably unsure of how to get itself out. As hilarious as it would be to try to watch this guy try to figure it out himself, we hope his owner eventually saved him.

Maybe If I’m Quiet Enough They Won’t Notice

It looks like this kitty got herself stuck between a screen and a hard place. Someone got a little too courageous climbing up the screen door, as some cats tend to do. But now, she is out of moves and all she can do is wait until someone saves her from her very big mistake.

The Confused Creature

This cat got way too curious and found himself at the wrong end of a piñata. Maybe he mistook the inside of the piñata as another secret hideaway, but he failed to insert himself all the way in. Imagine the horror in the children’s eyes when they saw this creature in the living room!

I Meant For This To Happen

Meet Rafiki. Rafiki probably doesn’t really know what’s going on and he can’t seem to figure out a solution either. We wonder how much staring it took before Rafiki’s human decided to stop laughing and help him out of the cord. Next time he might not want to make a toy out of the window fixtures!

Holding On For Dear Life

This kitty was probably halfway up the screen before she realized she needed to figure out how to get herself down. The look on her little face is one of realization and instant fear. The fear aspect in her face tells us this isn’t the first time this has happened and unfortunately she might be running low on lives.

She’s Given Up On Herself

Maybe this cat was climbing on top of things that she shouldn’t be. Somewhere along the way she must have lost her footing and ended up in the confusing restraints of the baby’s high chair. This cat has clearly given up on trying to help herself, in fact, it looks like she didn’t try at all.

I Was Just Trying To Get Comfortable

We can understand wanting to get cozy, but is there such thing as being too cozy? If there is, this cat might just be an accurate representation of that. He does not look pleased to be stuck in such a situation and will act like he got out on his own when you finally help him out.

Do You Really Need An Explanation?

This cat just wanted to be one of those house cats that sits in the window and awaits your arrival at the end of the day. One day, she decided that she’d actually try this out and realized that she just couldn’t quite pull it off. She knows she messed up and would very much like you to rescue her.

Honestly, I Don’t Know How Either

One minute this little guy was just looking into what this plastic bag might be, and the next he found himself inside it. The look of defeat on his face says it all. If anything, he probably waited there all day until you came back to save him. At least he was finally found because this could have ended way worse.

The Panicked Realization

This is Edd. Edd was calmly chilling on the floaty in the pool until he started drifting farther and farther away. He realized too late that he couldn’t get out of there without getting wet. Maybe he’ll think twice next time before trying to be a cool cat and make daring decisions like that.

Taking “Stuck In The Blinds” To A Whole New Level

This Reddit user says that his girlfriend decided to take in a stray cat and this happened. Stray cats are probably the most curious of them all. They’re used to a life outdoors and if anything, this guy was probably trying to find his way out. What better exit than the window? Unfortunately, he didn’t learn from the previous two cats we’ve seen.

I Was Just Looking For A Treat

This little kitten somehow found themselves inside a jar. Luckily there was room for them to breathe! She was probably looking around for some treats. Or perhaps she was mesmerized by this shiny glass bowl. Either way, eventually she got stuck inside and had to meow until someone came to pour her out!

Just A Little Tied Up

This is probably the last time this kitty ever tries to partake in any sports. He probably saw the net and was instantly compelled to claw at it, but he didn’t realize that that would quickly get him tangled up in an unfortunate situation. He’s probably wondering why his human has forsaken him like this, but everyone knows it’s his own fault.

How Small Is Too Small?

Admittedly, cats can squeeze themselves into some pretty tight spaces. But sometimes there will come a time when one space is just a little too tight to squeeze into. This cat tried to cuddle up inside a cereal box but it looks like she may have underestimated her own size.

I Know I’m Stuck, But I Have No Regrets

This cat had a little too much fun getting into the stuff that her human brought home from running errands. In her defense, the paper towels could look like one of those cat gyms. She probably thought her human brought home something for her to play with, but realized that she didn’t know what she was doing.

I’m Just Hanging Out

This kitty looks like she was looking for trouble when she decided to get inside her human’s closet. If that was surely the case, then she got what she was looking for. We can only imagine how long she was stuck this way. Her owner probably came home from work one day to vague distant meowing.

Mission Impossible Cat

This cat looks like he’s trying to scale the doorway in order to avoid the dog. If we were cats, we’d tried to avoid dogs too. However that cat got up there, we certainly hope that he found a safe way down. Although it would have been pretty hilarious to see what happened after this was taken.

Don’t Say A Word, Janice!

This cat already knows he messed up big time, so he doesn’t need to hear it from Janice! Jokes aside, this cat seems to have gotten a little too curious about the packaging in one of his owner’s boxes. Now all those foam pieces are clinging to his fur and he really can’t do much about it.

I Didn’t Think This Through

It looks like this cat had some fun climbing her way up the door but once she got up there, she probably didn’t know what to do next. There’s a look on this cat’s face that so clearly gives away the fact that this cat has made a huge mistake. Hopefully, she can make it down in one piece!

Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat

This cat must have been bitten by a special spider since they’ve apparently gained super-spidey senses and the ability to scale walls! It looks like this cat is just after more spidery snacks in the corners of the outside of this home. If anything it was a great thing that this happened.

Don’t Look At Me

This cat is probably having a bad fur day or maybe she doesn’t feel confident about her face. Either way, there must be a pretty good reason for her to have wanted to hide her face in a brown paper bag. This is like something off a high school sitcom!

This Is Actually My Safe Space

This is Ziggy. Ziggy the cat appears to have gotten a bit curious about what was in this jar, but then things took a turn for the worst. The jar stayed on Ziggy’s head and shows no immediate signs of leaving without the help of human hands. Ziggy’s probably waiting for her human to stop taking pictures since she can’t breathe.

There’s Nothing Unordinary About It

Like many of the other cat’s we’ve already seen, this one seems to have climbed their way to the top of the curtains. However, this case seems to be different. This cat looks completely unfazed to be up so high. If anything, she probably does it all the time. Her humans are probably wondering how she even manages to get up there.

One Day He’ll Regret It

This cat’s owner is dismayed at the fact that he will always try to stick his little head where it doesn’t belong. His owner says that one day he’ll get stuck and won’t be able to help himself out of a compromising situation. Hopefully, when that happens it will be hilarious and his owner will be there to capture it.

Just Doing Some Reading

Photo Credit: oskar_emanuel / Instagram

Leave it to a cat to get themselves into a predicament like this. We can already see it in our minds. This cutie’s owner was sitting at their desk studying away when their furry friend got a little too curious exploring outdoors. We’re secretly glad they took a minute to snap this silly picture before helping them!

I Thought There Would Be Snacks

This cat has found themselves in quite the rut, literally. We wonder what the process of this feline getting stuck in here actually looked like. We’re also curious how long this fur baby was stuck before its owner came to the rescue!

Don’t Just Sit There, Help Me!

Photo Credit: fishtownfurbabies / Instagram

The look on this cat’s face is priceless. Clearly, their owner is thoroughly enjoying taking these pictures while their cat patiently waits to be freed from the shackles of a plastic hanger. Maybe this will teach them to not be so curious.

Don’t Throw Me Away, Human

The look on this cat’s face is of pure defeat. Meanwhile, his owner is taking their sweet time to help them get out. Why is it that no matter how much we spend on top-of-the-line cat toys, they will always prefer non-toys like this?

Oh Me? I Totally Wanted To Go Up Here

Photo Credit: modemamaprins / Instagram

Cats are natural-born climbers so it’s only a matter of time before every cat gets into a predicament like this. While wooden fences are somewhat easy to get down from, the cute cat looks like he is seriously running the risk of being hurt! Luckily, his owner found him to lend a helping hand.

Hi Human, Nothing To See Here

Photo Credit: swordzouls / Twitter

Again with the plastic bag! Clearly, we’re seeing a theme here: if there is a plastic bag, your cat may try to venture inside.

Up next: a curious cat who can’t stay out of their owner’s closet and isn’t so good at hide-and-seek.

Not Quite A Hide And Seek Pro

Photo Credit: mogsofmayhem / Instagram

Lots of cats like closets. Perhaps it’s because they’re dark and full of comfortable clothing they can snuggle up and hide in. This curious cat has made his way into his owner’s closet…but if he thinks he’s hiding, he’s wrong!

I’ve Made A Mistake

This cat owner got a two-for-one when they ordered this kitchen appliance! Not only did the receive a popcorn maker, but the box double as a cat receptacle! What a great deal…although, we’re not sure this feline feels the same way.

I Can Hide Here, Right?

This cat looks pretty insecure about her life choices leading up to this point. We can imagine her curiously running down the stairs only to careen into this pot of flowers. Sure little feline, you can play it cool like you are hiding on purpose, but we know the truth.

Help Me!

Even the most curious of cats is no match for a cig couch equipped with comfy down cushions like these! We bet this curious cat was strolling along the edge of this couch, honing her balancing skills when all of a sudden she slipped in between the cushions. We just hope she wasn’t stuck for too long!

When Things Get Turned Upside Down

As if you need more proof, teeny tiny kittens are no match against a big couch! Even the most limber and agile of felines can find themselves balancing on the back of the couch one minute and then stuck in between the cushions the next!

Merry Cat-mas

Photo Credit: heylookatmeireddit / Reddit

We love Christmas and clearly, this cat does too. Why else would they be so curious as to climb into this fully-decked Christmas tree? Just kidding. From the looks of it, this cat is totally over it and clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into. He’ll think twice next time!