These People Asked For Photoshop Help and Received Hilarious Results

Photoshop is an amazing tool. When mastered, people can do almost anything to manipulate pictures and create art. One particular Photoshop master, James Fridman @fjamie013, uses his talents in a hilarious way. People contact him through social media or email, requesting his help Photoshopping a picture. They tell him what they want him to do and he sends back extremely creative and hysterical responses to their requests. While he usually follows their directions, they don’t tend to be what the person had in mind. Check out some of James’ funniest creations and the reputation he has built for himself.

Ruthless On Both Parts

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, but asking to make someone look bad using Photoshop is just plain rude. Yet, as it turns out, the girl’s plan backfired on herself. While she requested for him to make the other girl look bad but her look “grate,” the Photoshop master took her misspelling to heart.

This set James up for a great joke that was all the girl’s fault by actually looking like she had been grated.