These People Found Their Doppelganger In The Most Surprising Places

Whether you’ve always wished you had a long lost twin out there, or just want to see what others see when they look at you, finding a doppelganger can be a fun surprise. You don’t always run into a lookalike in person; sometimes they are a cartoon character, a painting, or in a photograph or and advertisements. One little boy found his doppelganger on the cover of a magazine. A grown man found his unrelated twin on a potato chip bag! From board games to bus stop signs, see where these people unexpectedly stumbled upon their lookalike.

A Real-Life Version Of A Children’s Book Character

Many little kids strive to be like the characters they love on television or in their favorite book. This young girl didn’t even have to try to look like the main character in a children’s book she opened up in the store.


Just think of all the kids who jump through hoops to try and dress up like their idol on Halloween. They would probably love to look as much like their beloved character as this girl does. The only thing missing is her cape.