These Pets Are Cheating On Their Owners With Their Significant Others!

Meeting your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s pet can be a make it or break it moment in a relationship. Pets really do have a sixth sense, and if they flat out disapprove of you, you might be packing your bags soon. But what if their pet likes you a little too much, so much that their owner feels like they’re being replaced? Well, here are some pets that made that decision and ruthlessly prefer their owner’s partner to them. Wait until you see the nerve of this boyfriend’s prairie dog!

I Dare You To Touch Him

This cat likes this girl’s boyfriend so much that it has become overly protective of him. Now, the girl can’t even come near her boyfriend with the cat around or else it gets defensive and looks like it wants to claw her eyes out. If I were her, I would be sure to sleep with one eye open because this cat looks like its planning a permanent way to get her out of the equation. This girl feeds this cat and takes care of it, and this is how she is repaid? Harsh.