These Photos Of Labradors Are Exactly What You Need Today

A dog’s love and loyalty is unconditional. There are very few feelings in the world that compare to looking lovingly at your dog, and getting that adoring stare back in return. A snuggle from your pup can turn a bad day into a great one. And few breeds are as awesome as the Labrador. In fact, Labs are the most popular of all the breeds! It’s easy to understand why; they’re easy to train, love to play and snuggle and are great with kids and other dogs. Not to mention that they are utterly adorable! Here are some amazing photos of this amazing breed.

Busom Buddies

This group of yellow Lab pups look as happy as can be all snuggled up, enjoying the feel of each other’s fur right up against their own. They all even seem to have the same facial expression!

Labrador Retrievers are very social by nature. They not only love to hang out with people, but also enjoy the company of other dogs as well as other animals. In fact, they get very lonely and depressed if they are isolated. That’s why they are the perfect dog for a family or a multi-pet household. Who wouldn’t want to take all of these puppies home?