These Pregnant Moms Have The Best Baby Bump Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes come in many shapes, sizes, and themes. From silly creations that re-enact famous movies to ghoulish costumes that will leave you with nightmares, there is no shortage of costumes we can choose to wear.

These future moms had to overcome the hurdle of sporting a big baby bump which they quickly turned into a unique advantage with their costumes. From a family costume that will leave you hungry to a Miley Cyrus inspired outfit, these are definitely uniquely pregnancy based.

Here are the moms-to-be that won the maternity Halloween costume game. You won’t believe how great the ninth costume is.

Prego As In Prego?


We’ll start things off with a double entendre. This woman either has a thing for pasta sauce or she’s telling the world she’s got something cooking in the oven, both literally and figuratively. Kudos to this fun future mom for the creative idea!