These Pregnant Moms Have The Best Baby Bump Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes come in many shapes, sizes, and themes. From silly creations that re-enact famous movies to ghoulish costumes that will leave you with nightmares, there is no shortage of costumes we can choose to wear.

These future moms had to overcome the hurdle of sporting a big baby bump which they quickly turned into a unique advantage with their costumes. From a family costume that will leave you hungry to a Miley Cyrus inspired outfit, these are definitely uniquely pregnancy based.

Here are the moms-to-be that won the maternity Halloween costume game. You won’t believe how great the ninth costume is.

Prego As In Prego?


We’ll start things off with a double entendre. This woman either has a thing for pasta sauce or she’s telling the world she’s got something cooking in the oven, both literally and figuratively. Kudos to this fun future mom for the creative idea!

Angry Bump


There was a point in time when Angry Birds always seemed to be the topic of conversation. “Oh, have you completed this level yet?” “Did you do the one where you have to slightly launch the bird into the explosive barrel?” Angry Birds ruled and seemed unstoppable. The mobile game became so popular that they even made a movie for them in 2016. This future mother took the mascot of the game and made it into a costume. Now she just needs her husband to dress like an evil Angry Birds pig. We don’t know if she was the first to do it, but if she was, she can now advance to the next level.

The Yummy Belly


Anybody got a quarter? This lady turned her blessing into a child’s dream, a walking gumball machine! With a little money coming out of her pocket, she was able to create an adorable costume that she will be able to show her son or daughter once they’re born. The detailing of the “25 cents” slot on her skirt is amazing as well.

The “gumballs” are just colorful cotton balls that you can pick up from your local arts and crafts store. Just glue them on a white shirt and you’re all done. We bet she got plenty of stares from gum-loving children.

The Magic Momball


Moms know it all, don’t they? This mom proves that by showcasing that she has all the answers, just don’t shake her, please. With her unborn child preparing to be delivered soon, she decided to have some fun with her bump by keeping it simple. All it took was an all-black top and slapping on a large enough number eight. If you have any questions, just ask her. If anyone tells you moms-to-be that you can’t dress up for Halloween, please refer to this woman. It’s not hard at all.

In A Land Far Away…


Star Wars has such a huge following that we almost want to warn people not to attempt a do-it-yourself costume unless you can knock it out of the park — like this mom-to-be. This woman showed no fear and displayed all of her creativity for this Jedi-supporting homage to Star Wars! The baby bump was put to great use as she turned it into the BB-8 droid. The detailing is absolutely fantastic and her baby bump seems to be just the right size for this awesome costume. Any fan of the sci-fi series would appreciate this costume at first glance. Perhaps she can pit her friends against each other next year and come up with some great Star Trek ideas.

She’ll Be Delivered Like A Wrecking Ball!

For those who have been living on a secluded island for the past few years and are unaware of the drastic career change of former Disney star Miley Cyrus, this costume is a reflection of one of her controversial music videos that was released in 2013. this version of the costume is a bit more age appropriate (thank goodness) because, in the real music video, Cyrus came swinging on the wrecking ball completely naked with only the chain covering up her lady parts. This doll version of Cyrus is clothed as she sits on this mothers belly.

Kickin’ It Old School

Oh no, oh no, oh yeah! This future mom went a bit nostalgic with her costume, turning her stomach into the classic Kool-Aid cartoon character that has become a cultural icon. This costume would not be complete without a simple to create a brick wall and a word bubble with his famous words: “oh yea.” If you’re in a pinch to create an easy and affordable Halloween costume that covers up your baby bump and looks absolutely adorable, just buy a red shirt, a black marker, and color in a piece of cardboard. It’s simple but ultimately incredibly effective and something people will immediately recognize.

Unicorn Or Baby?


It seems something magical is about to happen once this woman’s water breaks. a human unicorn is brewing and this mother looks like she can’t wait for them to arrive. This costume has cuteness overload written all over it. A good number of people love both babies and unicorns so this costume is just begging to bring all the “awwws” one person can handle. The detailing on the costume is amazing with a little bit of not-so-gory blood at the place where the baby’s unicorn horn pops out of mom’s belly.

Phone Home!


Steven Spielberg’s “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” has spawned a lot of Halloween costumes. Some people team up with friends, others replace E.T. with a stuffed version of the movie’s main character. This mom found an inventive way to turn her baby bump into Hollywood’s most famous alien. Grab a white basket, a red hoodie, and make some bike handlebars out of cardboard and you can master this costume with very little money spent and very little time wasted. Recreate the iconic bicycling scene and you’ll have everyone talking about your baby before they even arrive. This is definitely a great Halloween baby bump costume to geek out with.

Thing 2 Will Be Arriving Soon


This is an outfit you normally catch on college campus’. Sorority sisters love rocking this costume with the big being “Thing 1” and her little being “Thing 2.” So either this mom loved The Cat in the Hat or she is making up for not joining the Zetas. The red top is cheap and you can create the Thing 1 and Thing 2 icons with simple supplies in your own house. In fact, this whole costume can be made from items you probably already have at home. We hope the future child won’t take exception to being called a thing.

Mummy To Be

So you’re a mother-to-be and don’t know what to be for Halloween? Why not dress yourself up as a mummy-to-be like this mother. There are different variations for this outfit like actually wrapping yourself in some type of fabric that resembles a mummy’s wrap. Or you can be like her and just throw on a dress that looks like a mummy too. Both ideas are clever and adorable and who doesn’t love a punny costume? So when someone asks if you’re a mummy, you must clarify swiftly that you’re a mummy-to-be. Regular mummies are played out.

Moms Can Like Gore Too!


If you think this costume is inappropriate, you obviously don’t watch many Halloween horror movies which are way gorier. This mom-to-be decided to shift the paradigm and let everyone know that she doesn’t have to be ladylike just because she has a newborn on the way. Halloween’s supposed to have a creepy factor isn’t it? Why not use what you’ve been blessed with to have some fun and throw some people off. We’re sure at least a few people will appreciate her courage while others will be disgusted. We say a good job for stepping out the box.

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Avocado?

For some reason, avocados seem to be all the rage lately and especially among millennials. If you have a Snapchat or Instagram, people literally post pictures of avocados all the time with heart face emojis. Babies are also a popular posting choice for new moms and this mom-to-be got ahead of the curve by featuring both her upcoming child and her love of the popular food choice. It’s simple to make and a baby bump makes for the perfect avocado. If you’re a health conscience mom-to-be this might be the perfect costume for you!

It’s A Baby, Don’t Juno?

Michael Cera and Ellen Page masterfully played their roles in the surprise hit movie “Juno” and this couple completely nailed their Halloween costumes by teaming up to recreate the movies main characters. The accuracy of their costumes are spot on and the movies central theme about a young pregnant teenager is also perfect given their young looks. She’s got the striped shirt and plaid skirt down perfectly and his off-brand gym outfit is outstanding. Juno was a great movie, loved by many so seeing these two walk around must have melted some hearts.

Captain Baby Is Here!

Comic book heros are often seen running around by the dozen on Halloween. From Hulk to Batman, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll run into at least one superhero every Halloween. This mom-to-be took matters into her own hands and converted her unborn child into a superhero before he even leaves the womb. He vows to protect his mom from any sworn enemy on Halloween and ensures instant compliments from the mass cuteness being put on display. This costume earns extra creativity points with the added effect of the baby peeping over the shield.

Cuteness Overload With Pooh Bear


“Last night I went to a costume party with my work, and who better to be than Winnie the Pooh, when you already have the belly,” wrote Nastasja_darling on her Instagram account. She only received 49 likes on her account when she posted the photo and we think she deserves a million more. She has the pot of honey with the special spelling and whatever trimester she’s in, it has given her the perfect amount of baby bump that matches Pooh Bear’s belly. This is one of the most adorable baby bump costumes we could find — do you agree?

Something Special Is Cooking!


This is one of those Halloween costumes that only a pregnant woman could pull off with comic effect. She has a “baby cooking in her oven” so why not take some cardboard and create an actual oven to place around her baby bump. This mom-to-be is obviously artistic which helped her create the full look of her costume. The oven mitts thrown in for good measure were a nice addition but here’s to hoping those are not the type of gloves her OBGYN will be wearing when it’s time to actually take her newborn out of the oven.

Can’t Forget About The Cats

One of the most classic Halloween outfits is the cat costume. Throw on all black and grab some cat ears and call it a night! This costume typically allows people to know you either love cats or weren’t in the mood to get creative. This woman chose to take it a step further by becoming something cats love to play with. All she needed to pull off this silly costume is a bunch of yarn that could be placed around her stomach to cover up the child she will be delivering in the coming months. Here’s to hoping this mom-to-be doesn’t get attacked by a group of black cats on Halloween.

A True Soccer Mom


If people are going to call you a soccer mom why not get started before the baby even arrives? This mom is either adding more kids to her minivan or she’s really hoping her child will find their love of soccer right from birth. All you need for this simple costume is a white t-shirt and a black marker. It might be simple to create but it’s also incredibly effective. This costume definitely benefits from already having one child who can participate in the fun.

Our next mom-to-be Halloween costume has the entire family involved in a fun group costume that will leave you hungry and laughing at the same time.

Breakfast For Halloween? Sweet


If you already have one child and another on the way this could be the perfect mom-to-be Halloween costume for you and your family. Dad joined in on the fun by dressing up as bacon while the couple’s little boy is wearing a giant piece of toast. Mom completes the costume by dressing up as an egg with her baby bump being featured front and center as the sunny side up part of the egg. This looks like a homemade Halloween group outfit which makes it even more special. Soon it will be time for mom to invite another breakfast loving family member into this world!

Like An X-Ray


This maternity costume is super cute and also looks incredibly comfortable – perfect for pregnant moms-to-be who might not feel like wearing elaborate and uncomfortable getups in their condition. In fact, this costume appears to be as simple as a pair of black pajamas with a unique pattern printed on it.

We see what appears to be a depiction of Mom’s skeletal system, including her heart (which is probably already filled with love for her unborn child). But the really clever part is that the baby is also visible, right over mom’s real-life bump. The baby is smiling and posing, with a pretty pink bow in her hair. Perhaps this costume could double as a gender reveal?

Warning: Bump Ahead

We love the costumes that get Dad involved too. After all, he had something to do with this situation, right? This clever costume features a mom and dad-to-be dressed to the nines as construction workers. After all, this baby is technically “under construction”!

Mommy is holding a little road sign that says “under construction,” and Dad has one that reads “bump ahead” (in reference to her growing belly). This costume idea looks really easy to pull off – just get some hard hats and signs – but is super creative and sure to get a lot of laughs at whatever party you attend.

Pleading The Belly

So, a pirate costume might not immediately scream “perfect for pregnant women” to you. But it’s actually pretty clever. Mary Read and Anne Bonny were two real-life female pirates who lived in the 1600s-1700s, during the Golden Age of Piracy. They were two of only three women to ever be convicted of piracy. Read and Bonny were sentenced to death by hanging for their crimes.

But after their sentencing, both pirates became pregnant. They were able to get stays of execution by “pleading their bellies,” meaning they told the court they were pregnant. So this woman’s pirate costume is actually quite fitting. Perhaps she’s a historian!

Go Fish!

It turns out that there are a ton of fun ways to create a Halloween costume based around a pregnant belly. Just think of all the everyday household objects that are rounded – the possibilities are endless. Here’s a sweet idea that involved turning this mom-to-be’s growing bump into a fish bowl.

We’ve seen a few variations of the fishbowl look. Some women opt to wear a top that reveals their bare belly, which they paint to look like a fishbowl. The woman pictured above decided to be a little bit more conservative, with the bowl fish and plants sewn into her shirt, but it still works perfectly!

Dangerous Curves Ahead

This costume is kind of along the same theme as the “under construction” outfit we saw earlier. This one also involves a construction sign phrase: “dangerous curves ahead.” It’s a cute reference to the woman’s changing body and all the new curves she’s showing. A yellow sign and an all-black outfit are all that’s required to complete this look.

Women who are not body-conscious, or who enjoy showing off their curves, would probably be ideal candidates for this costume. Most variations we’ve seen show the moms-to-be in form-fitting outfits, but of course, you could wear something looser if you didn’t want to go full va-va-voom with this one.

Mom To “Bee”

This bee costume is cute on so many levels! Not only are bumble bees known to have kind of rounded midsections, but it’s a cute play on words. “Mommy to bee” is painted on this mama’s shirt, and there’s a bee on there as well. She completed her final Halloween looks with a few choice accessories: yellow wings, fuzzy neckwear, a sparkly wand, and a bee antenna headband to top it all off.

The woman pictured above is simply “beeming” and looks overjoyed at the prospect of having a brand new baby on the way. It’s hard not to smile when you see someone who exudes so much happiness!

A Beer-Guzzling Redneck

We can’t stop laughing at this woman’s hilarious Halloween getup! She took full advantage of her baby bump to transform herself into a total redneck, complete with trucker hat, beer belly, and can of beer. This costume is especially humorous since everyone knows that pregnant woman are not supposed to consume alcohol.

For this costume, you just need a trucker hat, can of beer (empty!), fake mustache and a “wife beater” tank top. You could even take this a step farther and include chest hair and a happy trail to really complete the authentic redneck look. So good.

Mmmm, Give Me Cookies!

Everyone loves Cookie Monster, the baked-goods addict from Sesame Street. He simply can’t control himself when there are cookies around. This lady made an adorable maternity Cookie Monster costume with a blue tutu, shirt with a large cookie painted right over her baby bump, and googly eyes on a headband.

Part of the joke might be that it was eating too many cookies that caused her stomach to grow to its current size. Although if she was really going nuts for dessert, she’d probably be gaining weight in other places too – not just her belly!

How Did This Happen?

This costume works so well because it’s not every day that you see a nun who is obviously several months pregnant. Nuns are supposed to be celibate, so unless another immaculate conception happened this is absolutely not a sight you’ll see walking down the street anytime soon.

We’ve seen this costume with a variety of accessories including a beer (or other alcoholic beverage) and a cigarette. You can purchase the nun costume at many different retailers. Bonus: it looks relatively comfortable, too! This woman got her husband involved and had him dress as the pope. Blasphemous and cute at the same time – perfect for Halloween.

Um, Someone Is Ready To Come Out


So many of the most effective maternity costumes start out with plain white t-shirts. It just takes a little creativity and anyone can turn a t-shirt into an LOL-worthy costume. See what this clever mom-to-be did with a standard t-shirt… all she needed was a doll.

The final look is that it appears that the unborn baby is poking his face, hands, and feet out like he is READY TO COME OUT NOW. Perhaps he knows he’s at a fun Halloween party and wants to celebrate with everyone else. Either way, this is another simple costume that works well.

This One Is Gold!

Here’s another maternity costume for couples, and we are loving this one! This couple clearly likes to have fun, and that shines through in this cute getup. Mom-to-be is dressed in blue, to represent the sky. There’s a bright rainbow on her top, and as we all know there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. She is holding her pot of gold right in front of her baby bump, hinting that the unborn child is the greatest treasure of all.

Dad is dressed as a leprechaun, complete with buckled hat. Hopefully, he doesn’t steal the gold! They both look like they’re having a great time.

In A World Of Pure Imagination

Remember those lyrics from the iconic film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory? This family nailed it with their adorable group costume idea, and it’s so cute that they got their first child involved as well. Daddy is dressed as Willy Wonka himself, with whimsical hat and velvet coat to complete the look. And the little boy is an adorable Oompa Loompa.

But the highlight of this family’s look has to be the pregnant mom’s costume. She’s dressed as Violet Beauregarde, the spoiled little girl who turned into a blueberry in the movie. Mom took great advantage of her round figure to look convincing as a human blueberry.

For Moms Who Like To Party

Anyone who’s old enough probably remembers the 1978 Alicia Bridges song that went, “Oh I, I love the nightlife. I got to boogie on the disco ’round, oh yea.” That song might have been playing through this mom-to-be’s head as she chose her awesome disco ball costume.

What better way to dress up a pregnant belly for a party than with some festive sequined fabric? She matches her “disco ball belly” with a headband and some 1970s-style earrings. A fuzzy black sweater and over-the-top eye makeup complete the look. Nice work on this costume, Disco Mama!

Getting Ready For The Next Season

Hey, if it’s Halloween that means that Christmas is right around the corner. This pregnant woman decided to get into the spirit a little early, by dressing as a Christmas ornament for Halloween! This is a super clever and cute look on her.

She has on a form-fitting black dress that has a bright red, and very eye-catching, Christmas ornament right over her baby bump. The ornament even has a little-looped handle so she can pretend as if she’s holding it up. Finishing the look is a Christmas tree hat with tiny ornaments and a star on top.

How Cheeky!

We all know Barbie. The iconic doll has been around since the 1950s and is still one of the most popular children’s toys around. This pregnant woman decided to go as a slightly, ahem, different version of Barbie than we are used to. For Halloween, she created a life-size pink box and she herself wore a pink Barbie-like outfit complete with long blonde hair. She is even posed just like a doll would be in its packaging.

The big difference here is that this Barbie is called “Knocked-Up Barbie,” and the woman has a huge baby bump. This idea is pretty cheeky and clever.

Could There Be A Baby In Her Future?

Wow, this maternity costume is one of the best we’ve ever seen! This mother-to-be is dressed as a Gypsy fortuneteller, with one very special accessory. Instead of simply carrying a prop crystal ball, she’s painted her baby bump to look like one. A professional must have done this painting job, as it looks so realistic!

The woman is also wearing your usual Gypsy clothing – a skirt, vest, headscarf with fringe, and LOTS of jewelry. Her eye makeup and piercing blue eyes also add to her costume’s overall effect. Very convincing!

Playing Around


Quick, name something that’s large, round, and orange. Did you think of a basketball? This expecting mother obviously did, and she turned her growing belly into one for her Halloween costume. She took a Lakers jersey, cut a hole in the front, and then painted her stomach (including lines) to make it resemble a basketball. This costume is finished off with matching purple sweatbands and basketball socks.

When she poses and holds her belly the way she is in the above picture, it almost does look as if she’s holding a real basketball! Nothing but net here!

Getting The Kids Involved

And here’s yet another cute way to get your older kids involved with your maternity Halloween costume. This pregnant mother dressed her son up as a cute little elephant. His outfit is just perfect, complete with big elephant ears, tusks, trunk, and tail.

Mama is dressed in red. There’s a peanut, which is supposed to be one of an elephant’s favorite foods, placed right over her baby bump. The suggestion is that the little boy is just going to love his new little brother or sister, as much as an elephant loves a peanut! Adorable.

Cute… But Ouch!

What a funny idea! This woman went all out with her maternity Halloween costume and turned her large belly into a pincushion complete with several oversized pins. The pins have those multicolored tips at the end, just like in real life.

The mother-to-be also has a mini pincushion on her head as a topper and is wearing a bright red wig to complete the ensemble. As cute as this look is, it makes us cringe just a bit to think about there being pins anywhere near a pregnant belly. So she got the creep factor in there with this costume, as well.

She’s Incubating, All Right


Perhaps the hormones involved in being pregnant give women an extra boost of creativity because there are some seriously amazing maternity costume ideas floating around out there. Here’s another impressive one. This expecting lady dressed as a bird, complete with feathered shirt and beak.

But she took the look a step further and added a nest of twigs around her waist. Also, she painted her stomach blue to resemble an unhatched egg in the nest. What a cute reference to her unborn baby and the fact that she really is “incubating” her child in real life.


This pregnant mother it throwing it way back to the 90’s. Remeber those sort of adorable yet kind of horrifying Troll dolls? Well if you do, then you know she absolutely nailed this costume. While most people would have to stuff a pillow into their leotard to pull this one off, she just worked with what she had and it worked out perfectly!

To be honest, that costume looks more comfortable than anything. Simple, sweet, and effective. Hopefully, your baby is half as clever as you. However, if they ever see this picture odds are they won’t get it.

Mike Wazowski!


Any pregnancy costume that manages to include the entire family is a home run in our book. Also, if everyone is a Monsters, Inc. character it’s extra brownie points.

Something tells us that the Monsters, Inc. costume may have started off as the little boy’s idea until the entire family realized they could participate, even the one that hasn’t been born yet. Now, once the baby is old enough, they will have to see Monsters, Inc. so they can know that they were Mike Wazowski for Halloween before they were even born.

Bun In The Oven

This couple managed to turn the saying bun in the oven into reality on this Halloween evening. However, this triplets costume looks like it worked out in favor of the man who just had to throw on a chefs shirt and hat, whereas the woman with the actual bun in the oven had to walk around in a box all night.

Regardless, we’re sure that this costume was a hit at the Halloween party they were attending, and I’m sure they can embarrass their child by showing this picture to all of their friends when they are older.

Uh Oh!

Although you may need to have a bit more of a mature sense of humor to understand this one, there’s no lying when we say this is hysterically clever. Bold, but clever.

Younger kids may not be able to wrap their heads around this one because they’ve never seen a milkman once in their life, but if you were lucky enough to have a father that made crude jokes you just might understand. Unlike the Monsters, Inc. picture or the bun in the oven couple, maybe this picture will be kept in a shoebox out of sight from their future child.

I Declare, The Earth Is Not Flat!


For all of you science and history buffs out there, you may have figured out that this is Galileo and the universe! This couple was thinking way outside of the box to pull this one off and they executed it perfectly!

As awesome as this picture is, we hope that this pregnant mother took it easy during the party for fear of losing a few of her dangling planets. We’re pretty sure that one of the two has to be a teacher of some sort because this wouldn’t typically be someone’s first idea for a costume. We hope they took the gold in the costume contest!

Mr. Potato Baby


This pregnancy costume takes the cake for overall simplicity and effectiveness. I’m sure that this woman is nice and comfortable in her maternity shirt. All she did was glue cut out and glue some material on her shirt, yet she managed to re-create one of the most iconic Pixar characters.

She still to dress up for the party while still letting everyone know that she was taking it easy that night. We dig her style and her strategy on how to take on Halloween while pregnant. Hopefully, her baby won’t have a loud mouth like Mr. Potato Head did!

That Was Easy!

We’re assuming that this costume is meant to be ironic. The baby is the easy button, but as we all know, there really isn’t anything very easy about being pregnant, especially on Halloween! Yet, it looks like this couple managed to make Halloween a little bit easier on all of them by taking the simple, clear, and understandable costume route.

Does she say “that was easy” everytime you press her belly? We hope not! Surely the last thing she needs is everyone poking her belly all night. Either way, props on the costume idea.

Two Peas In A Pod

We are yet to see a twin pregnancy costume yet so here you go! Although it is one of the more obvious twin pregnancy costumes, it sure is funny. And once again, as if this pregnant woman doesn’t have enough to worry about, surely a grandiose costume was last on her list of priorities.

Yet, she worked with what she had and managed to pull off what we’re sure is one of the best costumes at whatever party she attended. take a couple of styrofoam balls, paint them green, add some faces and boom! Two peas in a pos costume, done!

Teen Mom


Here’s another couple that took the more scandalous route when deciding how to dress up for Halloween while pregnant. This is one of those costumes that makes you think “oh no you didn’t” but you can’t help but laugh at the joke.

All they had to do was dust off some old high school letterman jackets and they were good to go for the evening. Well, at least we hope this is just one big joke and not actually a high school maternity photo shoot. We’re pretty sure it’s not.

Mamma And Baby Joey

Animals tend to be popular go-to costumes for a lot of women during the Halloween season. So while pregnant, this woman clearly adapted to her situation and put together this kangaroo costume with the little joey inside of her pouch.

It’s cute, symbolic, and made it so she didn’t have to miss out on the festivities. Hopefully, that little joey is the pouch securely because losing it may not look to good on her part if you catch our drift. One thing is certain, she’s going to be hopping into her Halloween party in style.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Mummy


Walking around in this costume, nobody is going to have to ask you what you are because the answer is very clear. You’re a mummy, and you have a baby mummy ready to walk the earth at any moment.

This is another simple, easy, and cheap costume that will impress people by your dedication to the holiday no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in. Maybe if you know the gender, the baby mummy doesn’t necessarily need a bow to complete the outfit, but instead, they could have a little hat or something else.

Staying One Step Ahead


With this pregnancy costume, this woman can stay ahead of the curve. While everyone is dressed up like vampires and ghouls she’s already prepared for the next season by dressing as a snowman. Her belly perfectly matches that of a snowman a nobody will question can question her dressing like what because she’s just working with what she’s got.

Also, if her baby hasn’t already arrived by the holidays, she has another festive and very appropriate sweater to wear during Christmas time. We agree that we need a sweater that covers two holidays now too.

Where In The World Is…?


Simply put, this costume is pure genius. If you don’t know who Carmen Sandiego is, it really won’t make any sense to you, but if you do, you have to admit that this is very impressive.

Not only does this woman look exactly like her, but the incorporation of her pregnancy into the costume is some next level stuff. That child sure has an extremely creative and clever mother. She must have had this costume in mind for quite some time to execute it so well!

Gotta Catch Em’ All!


When in doubt, turn your pregnant stomach into a Pokeball and dress like Ash Ketchum! Then, ask one of your dedicated friends to dress like a Pokemon and you have quite the Halloween costume! That’s what these girls did and they are winning at Halloween.

Everybody love Pokemon or at least knows what it is, so you won’t have to worry about people asking you what you are that year. Also, Pokemon has become a timeless part of our culture so that child will get to brag that they were a Pokeball for Halloween before they were even born.

Baby Emoji

With this costume, you’ll have the most hip and with the times unborn baby around. Let’s face it, emojis aren’t going anywhere, and surely this woman’s baby will know quite well what they are well before they reach kindergarten.

The heart sunglasses are a nice touch for this costume as well. We wonder if the eyes are interchangeable so you can change the emoji to your current mood throughout the night. That way you can really wear your heart on your sleeve, or your belly for that matter.

The Care Bear Pajamas

If you’ve never seen Care Bears, all of the Care Bears have tubby little tummies with an icon that signifies how they are feeling at the time. So, anybody that is pregnant could take advantage of this and be a Care Bear for Halloween which is exactly what this woman did.

The costume certainly looks almost like pajamas that are comfortable enough to wear either around the house giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, or attending a Halloween party. Although this woman’s icon is the Grump Bear’s icon, she doesn’s look all that sad to us.

Mother Earth

This pregnant woman sure went above and beyond with her costume. We have it give it to her that it’s pretty clever to be mother earth for Halloween when you currently have a life inside of you. This costume may be a little bit more tasteful than having fake baby legs coming out of your pregnant stomach although both are unique.

This costume is really well done, however, we want to know just how accurate the globe is on her stomach for authenticity purposes. By the looks of it, she wanted to be as genuine as possible and there are even clouds painted on.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


Sometimes, when it comes to a pregnancy costume, having a partner or a significant other with you can make all of the difference. In this case, this pregnant lady’s costume wouldn’t work without the help of this gentleman. However, with him in the picture, this may be one of the funniest pregnancy him and her costumes we have seen yet.

It’s pretty easy to understand what they are, and any child should be proud to have parents with such a good sense of humor and boldness to walk into a Halloween party like this.



If you’re a fan of the film Cast Away andare pregnant, or have a pregnant significant other, then this is the costume for you. The volleyball in the film named “Wilson” tends to be some people’s favorite character in the movie, so people will know exactly what you are. It’s a quick and easy costume that can be passed on to pregnant friends in the future.

Then, the person you’re with dressed up as Tom Hanks can follow you around the party screaming “Wilson! I’m sorry!” to annoy everyone around you. It would be a Halloween to remember.

Ghost With A Twist


We are all familiar with the classic ghost costume. Grab an old sheet, cut some eye holes in it, and throw it over your head for a lazy yet timeless costume. However, this pregnant woman put a little twist on this old costume and dressed up her pregnant belly instead of herself.

It’s equally as simple except instead of cutting out holes, she just glued on some felt in order to make it look like a ghost’s face. Not only easy, but it looks very comfortable, so comfortable that you’ll probably be seeing her wearing it around her house long after Halloween has passed.