These School Signs With Spelling Mistakes Are Accidentally Hilarious

School signs are important for students, parents, and faculty members alike. They remind everyone about upcoming breaks, events, and test schedules and send a warm welcome as students return for a new school year. That’s why it’s especially important for the sign to make sense and be free of spelling errors. The school is supposed to be educating the children, after all! Of course, this doesn’t always happen, and the outcomes can be a little bit embarrassing…and hilarious. Take a look at these school signs that all have some serious problems and were hopefully changed sooner rather than later.

Should you be working at a school if you don’t know how to spell “parent”?

They Certainly Do


Photo Credit: Harry D. Jacobs High School

Uh oh, whoever put this message up made a glaring spelling mistake. The word “knack” might not be the easiest to spell, but if you’re going to brag about something on a sign, the first step is spelling it right! We hope they realized their mistake soon.



Photo Credit: Sand Creek Middle School

This ironic spelling mistake gets funnier the longer you look at it. Perhaps it was intentional to really get the students prepared for the spelling bee? We bet the spelling bee winner wouldn’t have made this mistake!

Cut Off Elementary Needs To Be Cut Off From Educating


Photo Credit: Cut Off Elementary

When parents go to parent night, they want to be assured their child is getting the best education there is. While this spelling mistake is pretty funny, we’re not sure how we’d feel if we were the parents.

Take Some Of Your Advice


Photo Credit: Sharp Elementary

Oops — it appears the creator of this sign needs to take their own advice! Let’s hope someone notified the school before too many people saw this. We’re guessing it might be too late since it’s on the internet!

At least you can change that sign unlike the next one.

A Permanent Mistake


Photo Credit: Dudley Street Charter School

When it comes to school sign mess-ups, they can usually be fixed by moving around a few letters. Unfortunately, the same can not be said about this sign. This sign was printed out and manufactured on its metal background, and the chances are that there are more than one. Luckily, most people will glance at it without noticing, but those that do may start looking at other schools for their kids.

So Close, Yet So Far


Photo Credit: Prescott High School

This sign might have made sense if it was in front of an auto shop, but nevertheless, it’s in front of a school! Hopefully, most people can just look and laugh at the sign instead of getting too worked up over it.

We’re Sure They Do


Photo Credit: Portage Community Education Center

For the most part; it isn’t the teachers that are in charge of making these signs and checking them for spelling and grammar errors. However, it looks like maybe they should start! You can be sure that there won’t be any spelling mistakes if a teacher is in charge.

Maiesha and Anamaria, You’re Hired


Photo Credit: Centennial Elementary School

You would think that someone would double-check a sign for errors about a spelling bee, but we think someone forgot! Since Maiesha and Anamaria were the winners of the spelling bee, maybe they should be in charge of the school’s sign from now on.

Apparently, the people at Westhill High thought that MLK was an alien.

We Come In Peace


Photo Credit: Westhill High School

Although there are a few things wrong with this sign, the first thing that needs to be fixed is the name, Martin. There is a big difference between Martin and martian and we don’t want people to have the wrong idea!

The TAKS Tests May Have Won


Photo Credit: Larry G. Smith Elementary School

it looks like TAKS tests are the state-wide tests that kids take in elementary school. Larry G. Smith Elementary seems prepared enough for testing except for one small problem, they spelled “accept” wrong! We’re sure it was an honest mistake but hopefully not a question on the test!

We thought you learned to spell the months in elementary school…

Uh Oh


Photo Credit: Public School Number Twenty

Public School Number Twenty needs to have a sign proofreader! Although making one of these signs may be harder than it looks, it may help to have someone else make sure that everything turns out okay. Hopefully, Public Schools Number 1 through 19 are doing a little bit better!

Become A Partner!


Photo Credit: Red Lion Area School District

This is just an unfortunate mistake to have at a high school’s football stadium. Although not everyone will catch it, the word “pubic” instead of “public” is sure to get a laugh out of some teenagers. Luckily, most people will probably read over it without realizing the mistake.

Message For All Parents


Photo Credit: Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School

It looks like this school was in a bit of a rush and didn’t double check to make sure that everything was spelled right! However, if you’re the one up there putting up the letters, we can understand how it would be easier to make a mistake rather than typing or writing it on a piece of paper.

Up next: When abbreviations go wrong.

Didn’t Think That One Through


Photo Credit: Woombye State School

Abbreviations can be tricky. Not everyone knows what they stand for and they can easily be misinterpreted. STD is a common abbreviation — so attempting to abbreviate students into “STDS” probably wasn’t the smartest move on the school’s part. Luckily, the kids are too young to know what it means and it could be changed quickly!

Might As Well Joke About It!


Photo Credit: Two Springs Elementary School

Sometimes, the best way to connect with kids is to joke around with them. They know that they have to go back to school, so you might as well make it into a joke! This is a funny way to remind kids that school is about to start again and that it’s time to get back into the rhythm of things.

When Bragging Goes Wrong


Photo Credit: Meeker High School

There’s nothing wrong with showing off the success of your school and students. School pride goes a long way with students and staff. However, you’re going around claiming that your school has the highest SAT scores around, make sure everything is spelled correctly! We’re going to assume that it’s just a joke.

See how the next school really committed to their sign.

Committed Is Right


Photo Credit: Colton High School

We’re sure that Colton High School is committed to a lot of things, including high standards, so we won’t judge them for this one mistake. Hopefully, this sign isn’t located on the front of the school for everyone to see or else they would have to change it fast!

Mark Your Calendars!


Photo Credit: Mae Smythe Elementary

Dad’s should always read to their young kids. Countless studies have proven that it helps with a child’s learning and reading abilities while also strengthening the bond between a father and child. We’re glad that Mae Smythe Elementary is attempting to promote this idea so we’ll look past this innocent mistake.

You Should Too!


Photo Credit: Yulupa Elementary School

Hopefully, this misspelled sign encouraged the students to read more than if it was spelled correctly. It might be inspiring to the students and make them want to improve their spelling, so it’s time to hit the books!

Best Week Of The Year!


Photo Credit: Adams Elementary School

It looks like a staff member from Adam’s Elementary School mentally checked out for spring break early. We get it that students aren’t the only ones excited for the break and mistakes are going to happen. Nothing that a week off from school can’t help!