These Sports Superstars Played Together As Kids

The chances of becoming a professional athlete are one in 6,362. The odds of becoming a superstar are even worse. That makes it all the more surprising to learn how many played together in grade school! From throwing the pigskin around the backyard to connecting with each other for big game touchdowns, some players have been building their chemistry since before their biggest fans were born. Here are our favorite teenage combos still making waves today!

Matthew Stafford And Clayton Kershaw Have Made Nealy $300 Million Together

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Matthew Stafford is the franchise quarterback for the Detroit Lions. Clayton Kershaw is the face of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Did you know growing up they played youth soccer with each other? You read that right; before these amazing athletes turned 10-years-old, they were tearing up the turf between the goals.

Since then Kershaw has won three Cy Young awards and one MVP. And at just 28-years-old, Stafford easily became the fastest quarterback to reach 25,000 career yards! What water were these two drinking growing up?