These Two Neighbor Dogs Fell In Love And Melted The Hearts Of Their Owners

While golden retrievers are recognized as incredibly friendly dogs, that doesn’t mean they don’t ever get a little shy. Such was the case with Lola, a timid dog who feared other large canines. The one dog she knew she could trust was her sister, Skylar.

When Skylar went to a new home and Lola moved to England, the expectation was that she’d be timider than ever. Then Lola became transfixed by the dog next door, and it was clear she wasn’t just adapting well, she was happier than ever. Keep reading for more on this adorable tale of puppy love.

Meet Lola’s Family

This precious dog with the tongue dangling out of her smiling face is Lola. Above are her parents, Amber Monte and Alex Boothroyd. Amber and Alex are extremely loving parents, so Lola lives a pretty happy life.

Lola sits in between her parents.

The young couple created a positive outlook for Lola towards humans. Just looking into her eyes, you can tell that she’s a sweet animal that wouldn’t want to bring harm to anyone. Her amazing personality flourishes when she’s with others.