These Uplifting Signs Were Posted In The Midst Of COVID-19

With all the difficulty that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to the forefront, it can be challenging to stay hopeful. That’s why many neighbors across the US have set out to inspire others by posting uplifting signs around the town. Whether it’s a simple “be well” written in chalk on the sidewalk or a balcony banner thanking emergency care providers, these signs help to restore some faith in humanity. Read on to see what uplifting messages have resulted from the coronavirus pandemic.

Everything Will Be OK


Fox 5 Atlanta reported that this message was written on the Spruill Center for the Arts in Dunwoody back in 2009. Though it wasn’t written specifically for the pandemic, it now has taken on a more relevant significance.

Townspeople have posted the motto on their car bumpers, in their yards, and on their walls and coffee mugs. During this trying time, one citizen printed off the phrase on signs that he displayed next to roads to encourage drivers.