This EMT’s Therapy Dog Spent A Month Lost In The Woods

The phrase “man’s best friend” is a perfect way to describe the endearing relationship between Justin and his rescue dog, Shelby. Justin is an EMT who struggled to cope after witnessing something dreadful on the job. He decided to adopt a dog for emotional support, and the two became great adventure buddies. When Shelby disappeared on a camping trip, Justin’s worst fears came rushing back. You won’t believe the incredible outcome of one brave dog who spent 28 days lost in the woods.

Justin The EMT

Justin Scott is a father and EMT working out of Santa Clarita in Southern California. As a healthcare worker, he had many days that were rewarding. However, he also has had some severe days when his job proved to be quite a challenge.

Justin is dressed in his EMT uniform and posing with his son.
Justin Scott/Facebook
Justin Scott/Facebook

Through it all, Justin at least had his adorable son to come home to. Plus, he had a purposeful career that would make any child proud of their courageous father. For the most part, Justin could hold his head high.