This Homecoming Queen Stood Up To The Bullies Who Voted For Her As A Prank

Adolescent years can be difficult, especially with unsupportive peers. That’s part of what makes becoming Homecoming King or Queen so appealing. It offers reassurance amidst some of the most confusing years in life.

When 16-year-old Whitney Kropp was nominated Homecoming Queen, it seemed like a shove in the right direction. Someone who doesn’t fit into the popular group being voted as Homecoming Queen could be a huge step in the right direction for adolescents, or a giant step backwards.

Something Seemed Fishy

Teenage Whitney has short, red hair and looks at a laptop.

As in most high schools, the nominations were announced over a load speaker during class. The first warning sign was how the other students in her class responded to her name being called.

While hearing her name was a shock to Whitney, it seemed more like a joke to the other kids. Some of them were giggling. Nevertheless, Whitney chose to take the announcement as a blessing in disguise rather than as the curse she’d discover it was.