Trail Cams Capture The Most Amazing Things

Who knew when trail cams were invented how much love they would give back to society. A deer trying to have a private frolic is suddenly startled by a flash makes the wackiest face!

Then there are the times it looks like that wolf over there is posing for the camera. He’s fully aware of how majestic his fur looks blowing in the wind. If you’re looking for the photos of animals caught on trail cams, you’ve come to the right place! Just wait until you see what happens when eagles don’t get along!

Just A Deer And Its Barrel

Photo Credit: RIACH/reddit
Photo Credit: RIACH/reddit

What’s in the barrel Mr. deer? This buck found something he likes and has decided to take it. After all, no one is going to brave enough to step up and stop him. Really it’s a perfect crime; the only witness is the trail cam.

With no humans around and hundreds of other deer that look exactly the same, good luck finding this barrel thief in the wild! He’s probably halfway to Albuquerque by now.