VIDEO: These Babies Make The Funniest And Cutest Sounds

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If you need a pick-me-up or just want to smile you’ll find a healthy dose of both with these adorable baby videos. We scoured YouTube to find little children who are filled so so much joy they can’t help but make the most adorable, silly, and awesome sounds on the internet. From giggling and laughing to snorting and making some really strange sounds, these babies have captured the hearts of millions of viewers. We even managed to find some baby compilations that showcase the pure joy that a bunch of babies can bring into our lives with their silly antics.

This Baby Laughs Hysterically At Torn Paper

This little tot reminds us that little kids find some of the most simple things in life to be the funniest events they have ever taken part in. Once the piece of paper is torn this little kid can’t stop laughing hysterically at what just occurred in front of their own little eyes. Add the fact that this little kiddo has an adorable little laugh and it’s no surprise the video has received hundreds of thousands of views and a ton of “thumbs up” reviews from people who watched it. Kids really are amazing little creatures in every way.

Is This Baby Cooing or Saying “Coo?”

This little baby is playing with mom and he can’t help but let out an adorable little cooing noise. If you listen closely it sounds like the little child is actually saying the word “coo.” The little guy’s name is Ezra and his video has been checked out by more than 13,000 Youtube viewers. Whenever Ezra’s mom pays him a compliment it appears he’s thanking her with his cooing sound. It’s impossible to figure out what is going on inside a little baby’s mind but it’s pretty apparent here that Ezra is happy with the compliments he is receiving.

This Baby Makes A Creaking Door Sound

This little newborn is sleeping when they let out a unique sound that you won’t hear every day from a small child. Listen closely and it always sounds like a creaking door that is slowly opening in the middle of the night. Further into the video it almost sounds like the whimpering of a small puppy that’s begging for some human food. Whatever you interpret the noise to be, it’s pretty obvious that you won’t hear this sound coming from a human being every day and nearly 50,000 viewers on Youtube agree that it’s pretty unique and silly.

This Baby Can’t Stop Laughing At Funny Sounds

This little baby is hanging out in the grass and enjoying a beautiful day when they break out into laughter. Youtube users Ellie and Jared posted the video of their adorable baby son and it quickly climbed to nearly 100,000 views. You can follow the family on Youtube and discover more of their exploits as their children get younger but no less giggly. This little guy is a great reminder that we all need to laugh more and it doesn’t have to be a big moment that puts a smile on our face. What a cute little baby!

This Baby Loves To Talk Up A Storm On Cue

There are a lot of baby videos online of little children trying to talk but not many of them do it on cue! This little child was just hanging out with mom when she asked them to talk. Like clockwork the small child attempts to get out a few words. Obviously, they are still very tiny and can’t quiet form anything that sounds like actual talking. This is our second video on the list from Ellie and Jared and this one has racked up 150,000 views on YouTube. They must be doing something right with parenting because this little guy is super adorable!

This Baby Things Fingers Are Freaking Hilarious

Some of the babies on our list come up with sounds on their very own. This adorable little girl received an assist from her mom. The noises she makes when mom wags her finger over her lips is super cute. This baby went viral after their video was posted to Youtube and then appeared on ABC News. If we’ve learned anything from browsing a ton of funny baby videos it’s that people love to hear the sounds the make and experience a child’s funny reactions to the most simple of tasks they face on a daily basis.

This Baby Is Super Adorably Talkative

This baby wants nothing more than to get out the word “dad” and they manage to nearly nail it at a very young age. Having a conversation with a small baby is usually a one-sided event but this kiddo wants to be part of the discussion. Sitting here collecting funny and adorable baby noises has proven one thing to us — it’s an amazing way to start your morning. This video was posted by Amy Holderbaugh and has racked up 50,000 views. The baby is only five months old and we expect them to start talking in sentences by six months old.

A Bunch Of Babies Talking On The Phone

Babies have a weird obsession with phones and it’s one of the most adorable things you will ever witness in your life. Even before a small child is able to form sentences they understand that phones are used for talking with people. We found a video that features a bunch of babies and toddlers interacting with mom and dad’s phones. We don’t know what their conversation is about but they sure love to chat on the phone. By the time these kids are 10 they will abandon talking on the phone for texting and Snapchat. It’s at least adorable while it lasts.

Startled Babies Are Hilarious

Please don’t scare your child just to make a funny Youtube video. With that being said, there is something really funny and adorable when a small baby is started by various sounds and actions. This little guy was just going about his day when Mom decided to blow her nose nearby. From the look on his face to the nervous laughter, this is one adorable reaction. This video has more than 82,000,000 views and proves that everything a baby does is adorable, even if it’s a look of shock and awe.

This Baby Can Groan Like An Old Man

This four month old baby makes a sound we haven’t heard with any of the other baby videos we browsed. When they start “talking” it sounds like an old man groaning! Jemma Davis uploaded the video of her little boy making his unique sound and it has racked up nearly 21,000 views. One Youtube commenter used their linguistics background to comment, “He is making vowel sounds saying AAAAA, and using his voice, which is development appropriate.” It’s really amazing how, as humans, we build our foundation for learning to talk.

Babbling Baby Sounds At There Finest

We’re covering a lot of unique and funny baby sounds but sometimes a good babbling session is all we need to put a smile on our faces. This little guy sporting a Dartmouth t-shirt took the web by storm. He’s creeping towards 200,000 views and it’s all based on his ability to babble with the best of them. If you want to find a little bit of internet fame for your little guy or girl, get the camera ready and try to have a conversation with them.

Toot Noises With Their Mouth

There are certain sounds that most babies learn to make and then grasp onto for a long period of time. One of those silly sounds are “farting” noises with their mouth. Sometimes it sounds like a speed boat but in this baby’s case it clearly sounds like a bunch of toots. This video was posted by “funny world videos” and has climbed to more than 1,000 views. It’s a super cute video that really deserve a bunch more views so let’s help this cute little guy become internet famous. Even if the video doesn’t go viral, it’s hilarious and worth a quick viewing.

These Babies Are Laughing While They Sleep

Babies learn to talk from a very early age. They start with coos and then move onto vowel sounds and other forms of babbling. It could be argued that our smallest of humans are even learning to speak while they sleep. Case in point, these adorable little bundles of joy were caught talking in their sleep. A few of them have the cutest looks on their face as they chat their way through what we assume is a great dream. Our language is rather complex so it makes sense that we use our sleepy time to figure out how to communicate when awake.

Dad Is Coming!!!

There are a lot of silly reasons babies make funny sounds. Sometimes they are experimenting with the ability to talk, other times they are trying their hardest to communicate in order. One of our favorite and possibly the cutest reason for them to start babbling up a storm is they realize mom or dad just got home. These tiny little bundles of joy let out the cutest sounds when they realize dad is walking into the room. While many of their sounds are par for the course, when mixed with the excitement on their faces and throughout their whole bodies, it’s hard not to smile.

Trying To Talk For The Very First Time!

This little guy is internet famous! His video has been seen more than 800,000 times and he’s received more than 7,000 likes. His video is so popular because he’s trying to talk for the very first time. He isn’t forming words yet but his multiple attempts at speaking drew in hundreds of thousands of viewers and his view count is still creeping up. The YouTube channel MAI Babies has shared a lot of baby videos but this one stole our hearts. Little kids have a lot to learn but they can inspire us all with their constant efforts to grow into adulthood.

This Baby’s Yum Sounds Are Freaking Amazing

A lot of babies become fussy when mom or dad try to make them eat. This little kiddo becomes fussy when they don’t have food in their mouth. The minute they are given another bit the scene turns from tantrum to totally adorable. “Yum” is apparently the universal sound babies, children, and adults share in common when the food they are eating is delicious. As an added bonus, this baby makes some seriously funny faces as they scarf down their meal. How Leeanne Hutton has scored less than 500 views on this video is beyond our understanding.

Laughing At Funny Sounds

When a baby laughs it brings a lot of joy to everyone who experiences that moment in time. What’s even better is when a small child not only laughs but reacts to a funny situation with their entire body. This little guy thinks funny sounds are hilarious, and he celebrates with a giggle and an adorable little dance. The simple things in life are a big deal to a baby who is experiencing something new and exciting for the first time. If we all had this type of reaction to new things we discover, the world would be a much more joyous place.

A Laugh And A Dance

The joys of growing up! This little baby is chilling in their walker when they start to laugh like crazy. They can’t contain their excitement and they continue to burst out in laughter as they dance around the room. Ruhi Mittal posted the video recently and it has been underserved with only 111 views. This baby’s laugh has a little bit of the stereotypical “nerd wheeze” to it and the look at their face is 100% pure joy. A good belly laugh is good for the soul and this little child has mastered it with a super adorable reaction.

Artie Learned To Snort And He Doesn’t Want To Stop

Meet Artie. He was only one year old when this video was posted by his mom, Lizzy. Artie was learning to snort for the first time and he thought it was “hilarious” according to Lizzy, who spoke with GiveItLove about the video. The fact that he is eating food and pretending to snort makes this video even more adorable. Little kids have a way of turning anything into fun time, even the simple act of eating a meal. Watch the whole video and you’ll quickly realize that Artie was able to master the piggy snort very quickly.

Is This The Most Giggly Baby On The Internet?

This little baby dressed in Disney gear and a Mickey Mouse hat might possibly be the giggliest baby on the internet. With 13,000+ views on YouTube, the charisma of this small child has taken the internet by storm. There’s something incredibly contagious about a little baby who giggles out loud. It doesn’t hurt that the video was shot in HD, allowing the videographer to capture the pure joy this little child is experiencing. Catching a case of the giggles is easy for children and after you watch this video you’ll walk away with a huge smile on your face.