Woman Carries Baby For Her Friend, Then Unexpected News Changes Everything

After getting married, Kevin and Nicole Barattini had their sight set on starting a family. They dreamed of having children together and were excited at the idea of getting pregnant. But like many couples, it didn’t happen right away. They kept trying and hoping to get good news, but it never came for them. Still, the Barattini’s didn’t want to give up their dream of having a family. When considering other options, a friend offered to do something amazing. Everything seemed like it was meant to be, until things took a turn that no one expected.

They Were Having Trouble Getting Pregnant

Kevin and Nicole had been married for a few years, during which they had tried to get pregnant to start a family. They kept trying, but with no success. They never gave up, and were willing to try anything.


They couldn’t have known how things would turn out, and the road to starting a family ended up being rougher than they could have ever imagined. Still, they knew in their hearts that this is what they wanted to do.