Meet The Woman Who Has Saved Almost 200 Animals Of All Species

Rescuing one pet from the pound is wonderful enough, let alone 162 of them! That’s how many Adri Rachelle is currently taking care of through her non-profit animal sanctuary. From snakes to alpacas and everything in between, she doesn’t turn a single species away. Read on to see why one woman decided to commit her life to saving any animal that needs her help.

A Dog-Walker Turned Animal Rescuer

Adri Rachelle didn’t always have a farm full of various species. She was once a dog-walker living in Atlanta, Georgia. What she has always had is a love for animals.

Epics Getty Images
Epics Getty Images

Adri told Good News Network that she used to collect stuffed animals as a kid because she couldn’t have them all in real life. As an adult, she was able to have whatever animals she desired. What she realized, though, is that her passion wasn’t buying pets; it was saving them.