This Woman Rescued A Dog-Like Creature Before Learning What It Really Was

Even for those who love animals, the idea of taking in a stray can give pause. You have no idea what this animal has been through and the special care it may need. Nevertheless, one woman in Japan decided to take a leap of faith when she discovered an adorable dog in the bushes. The animal was hard not to love given how sweetly it acted, so she chose to keep it. As the weeks went on, she realized that this creature wasn’t a dog at all. Read on to find out what the animal was and why it was mistaken for a dog.

Discovering Something In The Bushes

Twitter user chibi_tori was coming home as usual when she noticed something near her house. It was a distinct rustling noise and shaking bushes that had grabbed her attention, so she went closer to observe what it may be.


As she neared the bushes in question, she realized it was a furry creature making the noises. She couldn’t tell at first what it was, but the eyes seemed harmless enough. She decided to pursue it further.