How A Woman’s Stolen Purse Led Her To Save Someone’s Life

Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a purse, only to have it stolen and then a few days later, see the very same purse being used by a homeless person. What would you do? This is precisely what happened to Kaitlyn Smith, who confronted a man named Aeric McCoy about the purse he was carrying. Little did either of them know, the chance encounter would change the course of their entire lives.

Kaitlyn Smith Was A Victim Of Theft

kaitlyn smith's purse was stolen
WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore/YouTube
WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore/YouTube

In June 2017, Kaitlyn Smith became the victim of a car break-in. The burglar found recently-copied spare keys in Smith’s glove compartment and used them to gain access to her house in the Patterson Park neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.

Smith later discovered that the burglar only managed to swipe her purse before her dog scared them away. After canceling her credit cards, Smith accepted the fact that her purse was probably gone for good.