Wrap Me Up And Transport Me To These Cozy Places Immediately

You don’t have to tell me twice that life can be stressful. Sometimes you just need to escape to a place that’s super cozy, whether that’s a blanket fort of your own creation, or a beautiful chalet in the Swiss Alps. If it’s cozy, it will get the job done.

Keep reading to discover some of the coziest little places in the world. Sit back, relax, turn on some fairy lights, grab a cup of tea, listen to the rain outside, and drift off into a cozy dreamland.

A Bohemian Kitchen


Photo Credit: ethan_kahn / Reddit

I love everything about this kitchen— the open window, the plants, the fridge full of magnets, the two cats, the wooden countertops, shall I go on? Can you imagine baking a pie in this kitchen and then letting it cool on that windowsill?

If I had a kitchen like this, I would bake so many pies. The only reason I don’t bake pies at the moment is because my kitchen isn’t cozy enough.

Cozy Up By The Crocs


Photo Credit: StreetOnFire / Reddit

As long as the crocodiles don’t wander up out of the water and into this lovely room, then this looks like an excellent vacation spot. Also, there had better be sufficient mosquito netting and a whole bunch of bug spray nearby.

I think I would leave this place with more bug bites than crocodile bites. I’m not sure which is worse. At least the croc would eat you quickly.

As Cozy As It Gets


Photo Credit: logan_1200 / Reddit

Look at that one lonely little kitty. He increases the cozy factor of this place by at least twenty percent. This cozy oasis is right in the middle of Istanbul. Istanbul is full of cute kitties. I suggest you head over there on vacation sometime.

All of the warm colors in this photo make me want to jump through my computer screen. I’d love to sip a latte at one of those darling red tables.

A Cozy Room In The Alps


Photo Credit: tforpotato / Reddit

In case you’re wondering, that mountain in the background is the Matterhorn which is located in Switzerland. I wonder if there’s any delicious Swiss chocolate or cheese in that cozy room. There probably is because this room is perfect and a perfect room would have both chocolate and cheese in it.

Ugh, take me to Switzerland immediately. I’ve had enough of this city life. I need some mountain air in my lungs.

I See You, NYC


Photo Credit: RPN / Reddit

Rainy days in New York City are the absolute coziest. Pardon me, but is that a rust-colored bathtub? Because I think it escaped from my dreams and I’d like it back, please.

I’ve got to say, there must be some kind of filter on this photo. There’s just no way that a place could be this naturally cozy. Look at the way the light is hitting that blanket. Something is definitely going on here.

A Netflix Bunker


Photo Credit: DatJibo / Reddit

This place takes Netflix and chill to the next level. How do I get myself a Netflix bunker? I just want to sit in that room and binge the coziest Netflix series. Nothing scary though, because being in a bunker is already a little creepy if you think about it.

Any of the baking shows would probably work well down there. Let’s leave the murder shows for when we’re above ground.

A Cozy Conservatory


Photo Credit: WavyMemory / Reddit

This is actually my dream. I am so jealous right now I can’t even contain it. Look at this place! She’s growing oranges in there! Look at all of those terracotta plant pots!

All of my plants are lined up by the only window in my apartment that gets enough sun to keep them alive. If I had a whole room of windows, I could have so many more plants!

Treehouse Goals In Tulum


Photo Credit: ethan_kahn / Reddit

Ok, is this place real? This place can’t be real, right? I mean, it’s actually perfection. I’ve always wanted to live in a treehouse. I could never have even conceived of a treehouse that looks like this.

I love that hammock net thing. I would read so many books on that hammock net thing. Or maybe I’d just fall asleep and not read any books. I feel though it could be a little more secure though.

These Squirrels Just Out-Cozied Us


Photo Credit: Lannar / Reddit

Stop it. My heart just can’t take this much cuteness. Look at these adorable red squirrels. Red squirrels are the best kind of squirrels, by the way.

I wish a loving pair of red squirrels would make a nest outside of my bedroom window. I’d be happy to share my space with a couple as cute as this one. Maybe one day soon they’ll have a whole bunch of little baby squirrels.

Rainy Windows


Photo Credit: Reddit

I think I could watch the rain hit those slanted windows all day long. Also, imagine how it would sound in there during a rainstorm. Please take me here right this moment. I don’t know where this cabin is, but I know I want to be inside of it.

Even just one night in there would be enough. I bet it smells like fresh wood and thunderstorms.

Winter In Trabzon


Photo Credit: Phentos27 / Reddit

For those of you who aren’t geography nerds, Trabzon is a city located in the Black Sea region of Turkey. I love when you can clearly see how cold it is outside, but you’re inside all warm and cozy and not frozen.

For some reason, cozy rooms are cozier when you can see what it would be like if that room didn’t exist. It may seem counter-intuitive to include big windows in a cozy room, but I think they’re essential.

Loft Bedrooms Are The Coziest


Photo Credit: laneyr83 / Reddit

This bedroom probably gets pretty hot in the summer, but during the cooler months, I bet it’s absolutely perfect. I love the tiny window. It just seems so magical and enchanting.

Also, I spy a Bath and Bodyworks candle in the bottom right corner. It looks like it’s a cozy Christmas scent— or maybe that’s just what I hope it is. Their Marshmallow Fireside candle would smell great in this room.

A Children’s Room In Norway


Photo Credit: ashakilee / Reddit

This is a really cool design concept. I think I wouldn’t mind sharing a room with my brother if we had bunk beds like this. This is almost like two separate rooms, but two separate cozy rooms, which is even better.

I hear that outside this room, there’s a playroom with a two-story climbing wall. This house is seriously a kid’s dream. Keep reading to feast your eyes on a gorgeous outdoor oasis.

Sometimes It Is Easy Being Green


Photo Credit: messier57i / Reddit

This room is mean, green, and easy to relax in. I like that it looks like an outdoor space even though it’s actually indoor. It kind of looks a bit like Arnold’s bedroom in Hey Arnold, except with way more plants.

Basically, if you fill a room with plants, it automatically gets cozier. That’s just a fact. All I want for my birthday is a whole bunch of plants. But I need them to be easy to take care of or else it’s not gonna be good.

My Dream Porch


Photo Credit: KiethRLee / Reddit

Normally I associate small, closed-in places with cozy vibes, but this place is cozy because it’s so clutter-free. Can we talk about fairy lights for a minute? Fairy lights can make any room cozy. I swear you could put fairy lights in an empty shed and that shed would instantly become Instagram-worthy.

This porch is way better than a shed though. I think this porch is bigger than my whole apartment.

A Balcony Retreat


Photo Credit: RPN / Reddit

My balcony is just a tiny little slab of concrete. I should probably do something cool with it, but for now I’m just going to let it be boring. If I had a big balcony, I would want it to look just like this— complete with fairy lights, fake grass, and outdoor furniture.

I’d throw so many barbecue parties in a place like this. My friends would get so bored of barbecues, but I wouldn’t even care.

Winter In Grindelwald, Switzerland

cozy14 (1).jpg

Photo Credit: iam_nobody / Reddit

Is this real life? This looks like a painting on the front of a Christmas advent calendar. I feel like there are tiny little presents behind each one of those ski lodges.

The glow of the warm, yellow lights totally makes this picture. Get me inside one of those little cottages right this moment. I will pay top dollar to sit by a fireplace in the Swiss Alps.

Make It Homey


Photo Credit: chocolat_ice_cream / Reddit

The baseboard molding really takes this little dog room right over the top. That little space under the stairs definitely wasn’t cozy before it was remodeled. Now it looks like a bedroom fit for a king— or a french bulldog (what’s the difference, really?)

Every dog deserves a cozy little space like this one. If you have a really big dog, you might need a spot a bit bigger than this crawlspace.

A House With A Waterfall


Photo Credit: Alexander_Hamilt0n / Reddit

There’s an actual waterfall that runs underneath a very cozy room in this gorgeous house. I bet it sounds amazing in there all the time. I’m putting “room over waterfall” on my wishlist for when I finally purchase my first house.

I like that the house itself becomes a bridge. I wonder if any trolls live under it? I bet there are a few trolls in the area that frequent this place every now and again.

Cozy Doggo Is Cozy


Photo Credit: InterracialBug / Reddit

I told you fairy lights could make anything cozy. Although, this dog is pretty cozy all on his own. I mean, 10/10 would use as a pillow.

I just want to curl up next to him and fall asleep for a thousand years. That is the kind of fairytale world that I want to live in. I think we’ve all learned a very important lesson today— coziness isn’t a place. It’s a state of mind.